Video reveals Bengals security confronting Patriots over controversial taping

The Patriots got caught in the act.

Video obtained by Fox Sports shows a member of Bengals security questioning a member of the Patriots’ video crew over footage the team shot of the Bengals’ sideline in Cleveland last week, which was apparently for a feature on an advanced scout but has instead embroiled the organization in Spygate 2.0.

“This is a piece you’re filming on your advanced scout?” the member of Bengals security asks, to which a Patriots employee answered, “Yes.”

“Come on, guys. I don’t see the advanced scout in this footage,” the security detail said.

The video employee says they were trying to get field perspective, to which the Bengals security man says they weren’t shooting the field. The video employee then says his team didn’t know they were doing anything wrong and say they’ll delete the video — which draws laughter from the security guard.

“The damage is done my friend,” the security guy says.

“No it isn’t, because we can delete it,” the Patriots employee says. A second Patriots employee then says, “Once it gets deleted by us, it’s gone.”

The Bengals security guard says he doesn’t see the advanced scout. According to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, the security guard then brings over NFL security, to which the Patriots’ video team handed over its tape.

The Patriots are likely facing punishment from the NFL over their latest video scandal, which might include a fine and the loss of a draft pick.

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