Vitality Netball World Cup 2019 Fixtures

The Vitality Netball World Cup 2019 starts in Liverpool on Friday, July 12 and you can watch every match of the tournament live on Sky Sports.

This will be the 15th edition of the premier netball tournament in the world and the third time England has played host after the inaugural competition in 1963 and Birmingham in 1995.

The Australian Diamonds are the reigning champions after triumphing in Sydney four years ago. In total, 16 teams will contest for netball’s ultimate prize.

The full match schedule is below and every match will be live on Sky Sports.

Day One – Preliminaries Stage One – Friday, July 12

SESSION ONE – 9am to 1.15pm

Court One – New Zealand (B1) v Malawi (B2) followed by Australia (A1) v Northern Ireland (A2)

Court Two – Barbados (B3) v Singapore (B4) followed by Zimbabwe (A3) v Sri Lanka (A4)

SESSION TWO – 3pm to 9.30pm

Court One – Jamaica (C1) v Fiji (C4) followed by England (D1) v Uganda (D2)

Court Two – South Africa (C2) v Trinidad and Tobago (C3) followed by Scotland (D3) v Samoa (D4)

The second session will also include the opening ceremony of the 2019 tournament.

Day Two – Preliminaries Stage One – Saturday, July 13

SESSION THREE – 9am to 1.15pm

Court One – Australia (A1) v Zimbabwe (A3) followed by New Zealand (B1) v Barbados (B3)

Court Two – Northern Ireland (A2) v Sri Lanka (A4) followed by Malawi (B2) v Singapore (B4)

SESSION FOUR – 3pm to 7.15pm

Court One – England (D1) v Scotland (D3) followed by Jamaica (C1) v Trinidad and Tobago (C3)

Court Two – Uganda (D2) v Samoa (D4) followed by South Africa (C2) v Fiji (C4)

Day Three – Preliminaries Stage One – Sunday, July 14

SESSION FIVE – 9am to 1.15pm

Court One – New Zealand (B1) v Singapore (B4) followed by England (D1) v Samoa (D4)

Court Two – Malawi (B2) v Barbados (B3) followed by Uganda (D2) v Scotland (D3)

SESSION SIX – 3pm to 7.15pm

Court One – Australia (A1) v Sri Lanka (A4) followed by Jamaica (C1) v South Africa (C2)

Court Two – Northern Ireland (A2) v Zimbabwe (A3) followed by Trinidad and Tobago (C3) v Fiji (C4)

  • Netball live on Sky Sports
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Day Four – Preliminaries Stage Two – Monday, July 15

*Court allocation subject to results from Preliminaries Stage One*

SESSION SEVEN – 9am to 1.00pm

Three matches from Group F and E1 v E2. Includes Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Barbados, Sri Lanka and Singapore games.

SESSION EIGHT – 3pm to 7.00pm

Three matches from Group G and E3 v E4. Includes England, Jamaica, South Africa, Uganda, Trinidad and Tobago, Scotland, Fiji and Samoa games.

Day Five – Preliminaries Stage Two – Tuesday, July 16

SESSION NINE – 9am to 1pm

Two matches in Group E.

SESSION TEN – 3pm to 9pm

Three matches in Group F.

Day Six – Preliminaries Stage Two – Wednesday, July 17

SESSION 11 – 9am to 1pm

Two matches in Group E.

SESSION 12 – 3pm to 9pm

Three matches in Group G.

Did you know Eastbourne was the location of the first-ever World Netball Tournament, which took place in August 1963? ? ? #FactFriday #ThisIsNetball

Day Seven – Preliminaries Stage Two – Thursday, July 18

SESSION 13 – 8.30am to 2.30pm

Three matches in Group F.

SESSION 14 – 4pm to 10pm

Three matches in Group G.

Day Eight – Play-offs and placings – Friday, July 19

SESSION 15 – 9am to 1pm

15th/16th placing match (Group E 3rd v 4th) followed by 13th/14th placing match (Group E 1st v 2nd)

SESSION 16 – 3pm to 7pm

Group F 4th v Group G 3rd followed by Group F 3rd v Group G 4th

Day Nine – Play-offs and placings – Saturday, July 20

SESSION 17 – 9am to 1pm

11th/12th placing match (Group F 6th v Group G 6th) followed by Semi-final one

SESSION 18 – 3pm to 7pm

Semi-final two followed by 9th/10th placing match (Group F 5th v Group G 5th)

The first time winners of the World Cup were presented with the prestigious ? was in Birmingham in 1995. This tournament saw the move from a Netball World Championship to Netball World Cup. #FactFriday #ThisIsNetball

Day Ten – Play-offs and placings – Sunday, July 21

SESSION 19 – 9am to 1pm

7th/8th placing match (losers of session 16 games) followed by 5th/6th placing match winners of session 16 games)

SESSION 20 – 2.30pm to 7.30pm

Bronze medal match followed by World Cup Final

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