Washington Redskins Rookie Derrius Guice Would Visit Donald Trump’s White House

Derrius Guice would happily visit Donald Trump and the White House if the invitation was ever extended.

Donald Trump has become a notable name in sports over the last year. Whether it be due to his comments about the kneeling in the NFL, or going back and forth with players who rejected his invitation to the White House, Trump has become a name that sports fans are used to hearing.

Despite quite a few notable players stating that they would not accept an invitation to the White House, Washington Redskins’ rookie running back Derrius Guice has a completely different tune.

TMZ released an interview with Guice. In the interview, he made it clear that he would be honored to visit the White House if the opportunity presented itself.

“I mean he’s running this country. Whatchu want me to do, hate a guy who’s running this country? I stay in my lane, he stay in his. If I get the chance, yeah. That’s the chance of a lifetime. They got a lot of history in that White House.”

Washington isn’t likely to win a Super Bowl anytime soon. Guice is going to be an upgrade in the backfield and Alex Smith was acquired to be the new starting quarterback, but there are too many holes for them to beat teams like the Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, or New Orleans Saints.

There have been quite a few players that have openly rejected Trump’s invitation to the White House after winning championships.

Perhaps the most notable rejections were the Golden State Warriors rejecting Trump after winning the NBA Finals last season. Following the Warriors’ decision to reject the invitation, Trump went ahead and pulled the invitation. He also sent out a tweet to make the invitation pulling official.

“Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team. Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!”

Over the past couple years, politics and sports have come together a bit too much for some fans. Whether those fans side with Trump or the players, it has become a bit frustrating and ratings have taken a hit in the NFL especially.

All of that being said, Guice is not letting the anti-Trump news stop him from pursuing his dreams. It is not known exactly what his thoughts are on Trump, but visiting the White House after a championship has been an honored tradition for quite some time. If Guice does win a Super Bowl in his career with Trump still in office, fans should expect to see him happily show up.

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