Watch Jake Paul brutally KNOCK OUT ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley in rematch with massive right hand

JAKE PAUL brutally knocked out Tyron Woodley to leave the ex-UFC champion out cold in their rematch.

In round six of a fight that would shaping up to be a borefest, the YouTube sensation landed a huge right hook to close the show.

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Woodley, 39, was left face down on the canvas and for the second time beaten by Paul.

The former UFC welterweight, who lost to the American social media star in August, only took the rematch on two week's notice.

He filled in for Tommy Fury, 22, who pulled out of facing Paul, 24, with a broken rib and chest infection.

Paul said: "This guy is a legend.

"Don't take anything away from his career as a UFC champion and respect him for taking the fight on two weeks' notice because Tommy Fury is a bitch.

"He backed out of the fight. This a real fighter, a real dog and a warrior. This guy is a tough fighter right there – legend."

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The fight got off to a cagey start with Woodley the aggressor, coming forward but not throwing, while Paul appeared hesitant on the retreat.

Paul in round two did land an overhand right – a sign of things to come – but still the action was spoiled by holding from each side.

In round three, a clash of heads caused the former vlogger to sustain a nasty cut, and in turn inspired urgency in Woodley.

But when the bout got into the midway mark, the crowd began to grow restless with the grabbing and clinching, as boos filled the arena.

Woodley did land a string of short right hands but either failed to follow up or found himself in the arms of Paul.

Soon enough though, Woodley would find himself face down and out for the count following a monstrous right hand.

Paul set the finishing shot up with a fake to the body and came around the side with a right hook.

It landed bang on the button and put Woodley away, ending the rematch in devastating fashion.

Paul said: "It was a tough fight. The blood was getting in my eye from when he elbowed me.

"He was throwing me on the ground – dirty headbutt. But it is what it is. I got the job done and I knew it would happen like that.

"I was setting it up the whole fight. He didn't see that shit coming. He was catching, catching. Come around. Good morning."

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