Wembley sale to Fulham owner Shahid Khan under threat as FA bosses Martin Glenn and Greg Clarke are challenged over £1bn deal

The pair are confident they can persuade FA councillors of the merits of the deal with Fulham owner Shahid Khan. The plan would see £500m put in trust for long-term grassroots development projects.

But a rising number of senior members of the 127-strong FA Council are gathering resources for a fightback against the plans of Glenn.

One member said: “I think things are going to get a bit warm for Glenn and Clarke.”

The issue comes to a head at a Council meeting at Wembley on May 29.

Opponents are ready to force a vote to test the courage of chief exec Glenn and chairman Clarke.

Rebel councillors have been mustering forces after receiving two letters from Clarke aimed at neutering opposition.

The main gripe is the lack of consultation — but there are also worries over Khan’s intentions and the potential for Wembley no longer being the home of the England team or the FA Cup final.

Another well-established Council member added: “If the Council was negative towards this sale, it would take a brave board to plough on no matter what the constitution says.”

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