West Kelowna beer league hockey brawl video goes viral

The snap is distinct: both the sound of the hockey stick being broken by a goalie and the immediate reaction from the angered stick’s owner.

An on-ice fight in West Kelowna turned personal on Feb. 17 when a goalie made a beer-league hockey fight more personal with the senseless action.

The video of the incident at a game between the Flamingos and Rumble Bees of the Pacific Adult Hockey League has gone viral after being shared on Instagram by Chevy’s Source for Sports and picked up by TSN and others.


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Numerous penalties ensued for the fight, but Flamingos goalie Tyler Fortin was ejected from the game.

Fortin can be seen on the video picking up the stick from the ice, wedging it into the poles of the net and bending it until it breaks.

After Fortin left the ice, the Rumble Bees were able to make three goals on an empty net, but still lost the game 8-4.

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