Who is the True Geordie and why is YouTube star presenting KSI vs Logan Paul press conference? – The Sun

KSI and Logan Paul return to do battle again, and that means the True Geordie will return to the commentary seat.

The diehard Newcastle United fan is also presenting the UK press conference for the two fighters.

Who is True Geordie and what does he do?

True Geordie became well-known after his first video went viral. The clip, 'A True Geordie's view on Nile Ranger' was followed by further passionate rants concerning his local football team, Newcastle United.

True Geordie has also uploaded Premier League previews and reviews of the weekend's action, as well as analysis and panel shows covering a wide range of sports, including Boxing.

Why has there been controversy over him commentating KSI vs Logan Paul?

True Geordie was accused by Logan Paul of being biased in his the pre-fight press conference for last year's bout, and a hater, after a series of tweets and videos which insulted him.


A True Geordie video which critiqued Logan Paul's involvement in the filming of a Japanese suicide, something Paul later apologised for, is one of his most viewed videos, at 3.2million views.

Meanwhile, True Geordie has been known to tweet insults directed at the Paul brothers, tweeting after KSI's first fight: "If people thought that commentary was bias then wait until @KSIOlajidebt fights one of the Paul bros. I hope he f***ing wrecks the c****."

In revenge, Paul initially refused to allow True Geordie to commentate on the fight, leading to the creation of an online petition in protest which has since gained over 17,000 signatures.



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