Who owns WWE outside of Vince McMahon as Stephanie McMahon sells £1.7m worth of stock including Triple H and Shane?

IT emerged earlier this year that Stephanie McMahon had decided to cash in on a large number of her WWE shares.

The ‘Billionaire Princess’, now called Stephanie McMahon-Levesque following her marriage to Triple H, is the daughter of the company’s legendary CEO Vince McMahon.

She has performed the role of Chief Brand Officer and still appears on-screen as part of her authority character.

However, the 44-year-old opted to sell 43 per cent of her stock in the business for £1.73million in September.

That comes a month after her husband ‘The Game’, WWE’s Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy and Development, flogged a similar amount.

WWE reported to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission back in December 2018 that the chairman Vince McMahon had sold 306,000 of his shares in the company. 

According to Sean Rueter of Cageside Seats, the billionaire bagged nearly £18m in the sale, although he still owned 32 million shares worth an approximate £1.8billion.

In total, McMahon sold off only about one per cent of his stake in WWE.

He is still without doubt the major driving force behind the planet’s biggest wrestling business, but who else has their finger in the pie?

A host of companies and individuals have stakes in WWE.

Back in 2016, Essentially Sports reported that Vince still held a 48.09 per cent – which dropped with his last sale to just over 47.09 per cent.

That also gave him the majority voting power on business decisions of around 70 per cent.

As you can see from the pie chart above, the McMahon family also own an additional percentage through Vince’s wife Linda, Stephanie, her brother Shane and husband.

At the time the above info was released, the family's total ownership was 55.31 per cent of WWE.

Aside from them, the second-largest owner is believed to be Lindsell Train Ltd, who now have a 19.78 per cent stake after originally only having 7.23 per cent four years ago.

Essentially Sports also claims The Vanguard Group Inc now have a 9.43 per cent stake compared to the 4.77 per cent they had in 2016.

And BlackRock Fund Advisors have also grown theirs around six per cent so they now hold a 8.12 per cent stake.

Except for the McMahon stakes, the rest of the shares can be openly bought and sold on the stock market.

However, it is Vince who remains the main man behind the wheel of the company.

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