Wilder and Fury push each other and trade barbs as tensions spill over

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury shove each other and trade insults as tensions spill over at final press conference, before American tells Brit: ‘When I found you, you were strung out on cocaine. I brought you to big-time boxing’

  • Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury got physical as they came face-to-face 
  • Wilder gripped hold of Fury and pushed him before the Brit retaliated 
  • The pair then traded insults as tensions spilled over at final press conference
  • Fury and Wilder meet again in a heavyweight rematch in Las Vegas on Saturday 

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder broke the peace by pushing and shoving each other on the stage for their final press conference.

In a barrage of threats and insults, each vowed to destroy the other.

Fury, in dark glasses, black cap and white jacket had ordered the pack of photographers to step back saying: ‘I don’t want to catch a cold or flu from you guys.’

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury clashed as they came face to face at the final press conference

Wilder gripped Fury’s jacket and shoved him away after the Brit got in his face up on stage

Fury responded by pushing Wilder straight back before security stepped in to separate them

He seemed the more calculating, Wilder looked emotional. Which could bode well for the Gypsy King if that is their mood in the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday night.

‘Dosser, p****, cocaine buster, bum, b****’ were among the less objectionable terms volleyed between each other in a long, heated rambling exchange.

Fury said: ‘I will knock you all over the stage right now if you like.’

There were gangsta sex jibes and four letter words. Each claimed he had given the other the biggest opportunity of his life.

‘When I found you, you were strung out on coke (cocaine),’ Wilder said. 

‘You were contemplating suicide. So don’t you ever tell me you brought me to big-time boxing. I brought you to big-time boxing.’

There was laughter, too, and expressions of love between them.

Wilder, unsurprisingly, welcomed the appointment of top Nevada referee Kenny Bayless and three American judges for their world heavyweight title rematch.

The Gypsy King’s agreement to all US officials seems to confirm that he really does intend to go for a second round KO.

Wilder lost his cool and got physical after Fury goaded him by getting in his face

Fury strikes a pose for the cameras as he arrives at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Fury has always believed he was robbed by their first fight being scored a draw despite being knocked down twice by the Bronze Bomber.

That verdict was brought down by an international panel and having a complete set of officials from Wilder’s homeland would appear to weigh the odds of Fury getting a 12-round decision even more heavily against him.

Wilder, speaking at the final press conference, said: ‘Bayless is a good referee always on top of the job. And Americans like the bangers who make the fight.’

The WBC heavyweight champion also refuted Fury’s claim that he will switch from his usual elusive style and go on the attack.

Wilder said: ‘Under pressure everyone reverts to what they know. And that big knockdown in the last round has been in his head for 14 months.

The WBC champion appeared emotional and rose to Fury’s attempts to get under his skin 

The Brit was calculating with his words but in the end the two ended with pleasantries

‘He couldn’t remember going down or getting up. It was just a miracle. Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus.

‘But now he’s got to hug the bear again. And you don’t change things if you don’t think it’s broke.

‘It’s not his style to come forward. Certainly not against a fighter as dangerous as me.’

Fury said: ‘I’m not bothered about the judges. I’ve no objection to the American officials. They’re very experienced and top quality. I’d not even asked who they were going to appoint. But I won’t risk putting it in the judges’ hands again.’

Both men came on stage to a video montage of their knock outs.

They were under orders not to raise their hands above their hips but the shoving began as they rapped nose to nose.

But it all ended in an exchange of pleasantries.

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