World Snooker Championship final 2021 LIVE RESULTS: Mark Selby 15-11 Shaun Murphy score – stream free, TV channel

MARK SELBY and Shaun Murphy are battling it out at the Crucible in the World Snooker Championship final.

A capacity crowd have taken their seats for the evening session, with Selby in control heading into the deciding stages of the contest.

  • LIVE SCORE: Mark Selby 15-11 Shaun Murphy

  • The World Snooker final takes place over two days – Sunday May 2 and Monday May 3.
  • The four sessions are as follows:
    – Sunday May 2 – 1pm and 7pm
    – Monday May 3 – 1pm and 7pm
  • BBC Two will show the World Snooker Championship final live.
  • To stream the event live, head to the BBC iPlayer.
  • BBC is free to watch on TV and online for all UK viewers with a TV licence.

Stay up to date with every frame from the Crucible in our live blog, below…

  • supal

    FRAME 27: SELBY 15-11 MURPHY

    And Mark's in first in this frame!

    A lovely opening red and a good chance already here to score big.

    He looks well in the mood tonight.

  • supal

    FRAME 26: SELBY 14-11 MURPHY

    Wow, that one really wiped it's feet.

    A red along the bottom cushion wobbled in the jaws 4 times and somehow just about dropped.

    That's going to be the frame for Selby now – he's 42 ahead with 27 remaining and Shaun's had enough.

    Four clear for Selby – three from victory now.

  • supal

    FRAME 26: SELBY 14-11 MURPHY

    Oh Shaun!

    A pink of it's spot to right middle and he's put it onto the far jaw.

    And he's left an easy starter for Selby.

    NINTCHDBPICT000651231396Credit: Getty


  • supal

    FRAME 26: SELBY 14-11 MURPHY

    Ohhh yes, that must've felt good for Shaun.

    He had an opening of a red to left corner and he had no hesitation in getting down and sinking it.

    He's on the black that's hovering over right corner and this is a chance.

  • supal

    FRAME 26: SELBY 14-11 MURPHY

    This frame could turn rather awkward.

    The black is right in the jaws of the right corner pocket.

    There could be a long bout of safety play here.

    Murphy 11-4 ahead in the frame.

  • supal

    FRAME 26: SELBY 14-11 MURPHY

    Oh that's unlucky.

    The split on the reds just wasn't quite right and he ran out of position.

    He had to pot a tough yellow along the top cushion to keep the break going and he managed it, but lost the cue ball into the bottom corner.

  • supal

    FRAME 26: SELBY 14-11 MURPHY

    What a confidence booster that could be.

    A wonderful long red from Murphy right into the heart of the bottom right pocket and massive cheers to greet it.

    First chance Shaun.

  • supal

    FRAME 26: SELBY 14-11 MURPHY

    And the evening session is underway!

    Selby breaks us off in frame 26. Strap yourselves in, folks.

  • supal


    What an incredible atmosphere tonight.

    The crowd are standing and cheering and there are even some olays.

    Both players are welcomed to raucous applause.

    'Electric' does not do this atmosphere justice.

  • supal


    A quick reminder of where we're at in this final.

    Selby leads 14-11 and it's a race to 18. A possible 10 frames are left tonight if it goes all the way, and in that case you might need a strong coffee or two.

    Selby had a 10-7 overnight lead and Murphy did his very best to battle back this afternoon.

    But the session ended 4-4 which meant The Jester retained his three-frame lead.

    This will be a monumental effort from Murphy to turn it around.

  • supal


    Bank Holiday Monday in May – a full crowd at The Crucible.

    I have to be honest I didn't think this would happen for a long time but how wonderful it feels.

    It was great to have the tournament take place at all last year albeit a bit later in the year due to Covid.

    But here we are with the tournament back in it's rightful spot in the calendar with a packed crowd.

    You quite literally LOVE to see it.

    .Credit: PA
    .Credit: Getty
  • supal


    Good evening everyone, Sunni Upal here ready to take you through the final session of this 2021 Betfred World Snooker Championship.

    This really IS it. 17 days of drama and it all comes down to this.

    In just a few hours from now either Mark Selby or Shaun Murphy will be crowned world champion.

    Selby holds a 14-11 lead and is the favourite to win his fourth world crown, but don't discount Murphy and his fighting qualities.

    Players will be in the arena in 10/15 minutes or so. Get yourself some snacks, or finish off your dinner and settle in. It should be quite a ride.

  • William Pugh


    It's been a riveting affair so far in Sheffield.

    The capacity crowd have seen some spectacular shots from both players.

    And these long pots went down as particular favorites.

  • William Pugh


    Today's final of the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible marks the first time a capacity crowd has attended a sporting event in the UK for more than a year.

    The widely criticised Cheltenham Festival last March was the last time a full crowd were allowed in anywhere when 69,000 fans attended the famous race course.

    Coronavirus has since swept through the nation and the world but the 980 people allowed into the Sheffield arena today shows things are edging their way back to normal.

    The move is part of a Government pilot scheme that will hopefully pave the way for more sell out events this summer.

  • William Pugh


    World Snooker Championship finalist Shaun Murphy has delighted fans after he was spotted munching on Mini Cheddars in his dressing room.

    The 38-year-old is up against Mark Selby in the final at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield where he is looking to become a two-time world champion.

    Murphy – who won the tournament in 2005 – has finished as runner-up in his last two final appearances in 2009 and 2015.

    But he appeared unfazed by the challenge to beat the Jester from Leicester, who is a three-time world champ.

    During the break, the camera in Murphy's dressing showed the Magician enjoying a packet of Mini Cheddars, while a box of Celebrations appeared to have been eaten.

    And snooker supporters were loving seeing the potter tuck into some snacks.

  • William Pugh


    It's the mid-session break at the Crucible and snooker fans online were quick to fill the time with jokes.

  • Jim Sheridan


    You don't want to miss any potential fireworks tonight.

    Selby might be four frames from the title, but Murphy has the ability to stage a fightback.

  • Jim Sheridan


    A tense and tight afternoon session at the Crucible, but it's Mark Selby who retains his three-frame lead heading into tonight's action.

    The Jester from Leicester continues to impress and held his nerve when Murphy put together excellent breaks to bring the score back to 13-11.

    All the pressure on Murphy, who has shown in glimpses during this match that he can more than hold his own – and that century break in just 9 minutes shows what a talent he can be.

    Everything is set up for a dramatic evening session, getting underway at 7pm.

    Credit: Getty – Pool
    Credit: PA
  • Rob Maul


    That is that for this afternoon. Honours even after eight frames (4-4).

    Mark Selby, who was 10-7 up overnight, leads 14-11 and is just four frames away from a fourth world title.

    Shaun Murphy will have lots to think about over the next two hours, especially as the winner gets a cheque for £500,000.

    A maximum of 10 frames tonight.

    A full house will be present.

  • Rob Maul


    On Eurosport Ronnie O'Sullivan discusses the re-spotting incident "that ain't right" from the final between Mark Selby and Shaun Murphy

  • Rob Maul


    Chris Henry, the mental and technical coach, will have a busy time this afternoon, flitting between the two dressing rooms.

  • Rob Maul


    Two frames in a row for Shaun Murphy. Perfect timing. A little fist pump down low.

    It was the response of a top-class player, someone who has won in this famous theatre before.

    Instead of being 15-9 down, it's 13-11.

    One more frame to go this afternoon.

  • Rob Maul


    There was a funny moment in the 24th frame where Shaun Murphy hit the cue-ball into the pack of reds.

    As per his nickname the Magician, he waved his hands over the balls and prepared to say that magical phrase: Open sesame.

    For a moment Murphy acted like Tommy Cooper. The crowd burst out laughing.

    He leads 22-0. It is another key frame.

  • Rob Maul


    Joe Perry, a long-standing pro, admires Shaun Murphy's abilities on the table.

  • Rob Maul


    That is more like it from showman Shaun Murphy.

    A superb 100 break in nine minutes.

    It is his first century of this final.

    It reduces the arrears. If Murphy can win one, maybe two more frames now it will mean tonight becomes more interesting and not the procession that we all feared a few moments ago.

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