WWE legend The Undertaker, 55, dared by Drew McIntyre to come out of retirement for one final fight

WWE champion Drew McIntyre has revealed his hope that The Undertaker will reverse his retirement for one final match.

The pair faced off at last year’s Extreme Rules in a tag team bout featuring Shane McMahon and Roman Reigns, but a singles clash is yet to happen.

But such a match now seems unlikely after Taker hung up his boots following his Boneyard match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36.

Yet he confessed that he would consider a return "in case of emergency" and if boss Vince McMahon was "in a pinch".

And the 55-year-old also admitted that “something juicy” would bring him back to WrestleMania.

WWE champ McIntyre has now thrown down the gauntlet in the hopes he can tempt Taker into one final match.

He told the BBC: "That's the one I want before he rides off into the sunset. I want The Undertaker.

"When I first appeared I was so intimidated by him. Everybody would just freak out when they saw him.

I think he has one more match left in him and it has to be with Drew McIntyre

"When I was 23 or 24 he was basically put in charge of me as my mentor. I was told to listen to nobody except The Undertaker, so I would harass him all the time for advice.

"Sometimes it sounded like he was talking in riddles because he spoke at such an advanced level. An absolute legend.

"I think he has one more match left in him and it has to be with Drew McIntyre."

McIntyre previously revealed that he was meant to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26 during his first run with the company.

Yet the match didn't materialise and it was another decade before the Scot cemented his status as WWE's top guy when he beat Brock Lesnar in April.

Speaking to BT Sport, he said: "The inevitable goal was to have a big match between him and I.

"Unfortunately I wasn’t ready at the time, things worked out the way they worked out, and I believe it led to, instead of myself and Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Undertaker, the retirement match.

"It was obviously a phenomenal match and I could not have delivered on that level at the time."

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