WWE Mae Young Classic 2018 episode eight – results and review

The final of WWE’s 32-woman tournament the Mae Young Classic 2018 was confirmed in the series’ final episode this week.

Women from around the world have competed for this opportunity for the last eight weeks, in what has been truly must-see programming.

The final will be held this Sunday at the company’s first all-women’s event, WWE Evolution, at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in New York.

Here, Lyle Carr takes a look at the final episode and reviews this week’s action.

Toni Storm vs. Meiko Satomura

Our first semi-final match saw Australia’s Toni Storm continue her tumultuous journey through the tournament, facing the ultimate veteran of women’s wrestling – Japan’s Meiko Satomura. Having competed with Meiko to a draw in Japan before, the adopted Brit did not hesitate to call her the best wrestler in the world.

This contest followed the classic wrestling formula of a technical start, slowly building to a crescendo of aggression and finishing manoeuvres. Both Storm and Satomura held nothing back, hitting some of the stiffest strikes of the competition.

After a back and forth contest (in which both women kicked out of the other’s finisher) the drama came to an end as Toni hit a second Storm Zero to advance to the finals. This was, in this writer’s opinion, the best match of the entire tournament.

Rhea Ripley vs. Io Shirai

Nobody has improved more since last year’s Mae Young Classic than Rhea Ripley. The arrogant Aussie has frankly demolished her competition, and promised to do the same to tournament favourite Io Shirai.

Despite her formidable opponent – Io’s confidence was unshakeable, as she proceeds in her quest to show the world her incredible talent.

Living up to her promise, the new NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea began the contest by dominating her opponent. Io’s speed was not enough to escape the offence, and this continued punishment (coupled with some brilliant selling) made Shirai look vulnerable for the first time this series.

Eventually the comeback began, as Io turned the tide of battle with her amazing high flying attacks.

A double knee strike followed by the Asai Moonsault enabled Shirai to dispatch Ripley and gave her the chance to compete at WWE Evolution.

This year’s tournament has not only been incredibly entertaining, but also hugely successful in showcasing the future of women’s wrestling.

Every episode has been enjoyable to watch, and this week was the cream of the crop. At Evolution on Sunday night, Io Shirai and Toni Storm should impress the world.

You can watch the Mae Young Classic 2018 only on WWE Network.

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