WWE News: Becky Lynch Reveals Why She’s Not On ‘Total Divas’ And Why She Won’t Date WWE Superstars

Becky Lynch is a 16-year veteran of professional wrestling and one of the most popular WWE superstars. Becky Lynch was the first-ever WWE SmackDown Women’s champion, and in less than two weeks, she squares off against Charlotte Flair and Carmella at SummerSlam in a triple threat match and will try to regain the title. Recently, Becky Lynch was a guest on The Jim Ross Report, and she spoke about why she isn’t on the hit show Total Divas and why she won’t date a WWE superstar.

While she clearly has a lot of fun in the ring, professional wrestling is serious business for Becky Lynch, and she prefers to keep her professional world separate from her personal life. “The Lass Kicker” explained to Jim Ross why she isn’t part of the cast on Total Divas, as transcribed by EWrestling.

“When I first got on the road, there was a conversation about [being a Total Divas cast member]. For me, I don’t think that is in my future. I appreciate what it [has] done for the other girls, but I think I would like to keep my real life separate to [pro] wrestling and I just don’t foresee me on any sort of reality TV show.”

Becky Lynch shared with Jim Ross how she applies the same thought process to her dating life. “The Lass Kicker” commented on how she’s around the wrestlers all the time, and that they end up becoming like family, and she would like to keep her work environment separate from her dating life, as EWrestling reported.

“I would like to keep that separate from my own personal life…So however I can do that, I can go in, not have any awkwardness with anybody, not have any fights. Everything’s about the work.”

Lynch then talked about how she is at a good place in her professional wrestling career. She told Jim Ross that she had to break through some issues in her own life to get to the level of where she’s at in the WWE, but now “The Lass Kicker” feels like her career has started to flow a lot better. Becky Lynch said that she really loves being a part of SmackDown.

The Former WWE champion said that she loves SmackDown as a show, and that she loves the brand’s locker room. Becky Lynch told Jim Ross that she wants to put everything into the WWE show that she can to make it entertaining, and that she feels lucky that she has the backing of the writers, the producers, and management to be able to do “some great stuff.”

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