WWE News: Brand New Championship Coming In 2019 As Revealed On Christmas Eve Edition Of ‘Monday Night Raw’

After many rumors and a lot of speculation, the long-awaited titles are coming next year.

Each brand in WWE has its own championships with numerous superstars vying for each of them every single week. Some titles have fallen to the side and ended up retired or unified with a similar championship which is on the same level. On this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE has revealed that one (or two) more titles will be coming and they are those which have been rumored for a very long time.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Christmas Eve edition of Monday Night Raw was actually taped last week. WWE wanted to give its superstars some time off for the holiday and tonight’s episode was pre-taped, but a few things were added in.

With the episode of Raw being taped last week, spoilers had made their way online as soon as the taping was over. Still, WWE doesn’t want to give away everything and that is why they waited until the episode aired to make the reveal of the new championship coming in 2019.

The announcement took place on Raw, but it was also uploaded to the official website of WWE and revealed that the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship would be coming next year. Yes, Vince McMahon was dressed as Santa Claus and made the titles official on Christmas Eve.

The announcement was kind of random and odd as it was made on an episode of Monday Night Raw that doesn’t generally bring in a huge audience. With it being Christmas Eve and the results already known from last week’s taping, they’re not expecting a ton of viewers.

Still, the reveal was made and WWE will indeed have a Women’s Tag Team Championship starting in 2019. While the announcement is quite huge, there are a lot of questions left unanswered by Vince McMahon, er…Santa Claus.

The exact date that the titles will debut isn’t known as McMahon only said they will come about sometime in 2019.

One thing, though, that is an even bigger wonder is just which brand the new title will end up being on. Will they be on Monday Night Raw? Will they be on SmackDown Live? Will both Raw and SmackDown have their own set of Women’s Tag Team Titles?

All of that will likely be cleared up soon, but some of the superstars are already prepared to challenge for the new titles.

The reveal of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship was rumored to come at Evolution back in October, but it never ended up happening. It is possible that the announcement of the new titles was put on hold after word had possibly leaked out a bit early. On Christmas Eve, Vince McMahon aka Santa Claus gave the fans and all the female superstars the huge gift of new titles in 2019.

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