WWE News: Injured Superstar Scheduled To Be At ‘Monday Night Raw’ And Could Return To Action

After months out of the ring, the “son” of Kurt Angle appears to be ready for his return.

On the “Road to WrestleMania,” the WWE was plagued by a series of injuries that ended up causing the company to change a good bit of their plans. Dean Ambrose’s injury caused a huge hiccup in the long-awaited reunion of The Shield and it led to Jason Jordan being put in his place. Soon after, the former tag team champion suffered an injury of his own, but now, it’s time for one of them to make their return to the ring.

Well, let’s just say it isn’t going to be the “Lunatic Fringe” just yet.

Not long after The Shield reunited and thrilled the fans, Dean Ambrose suffered a triceps injury that took him out of action for quite a while. He underwent surgery in late December and it was only revealed that his return was unknown and it likely wouldn’t be until the summer.

Needing someone to fill his place, Jason Jordan stepped in and captured the Raw Tag Team Titles with Seth Rollins in what was viewed as a rather stranger partnership. Still, the company had plans for the team, but those had to be put on hold as Jordan underwent surgery for a neck injury in early Februar,y as reported by the official website of WWE.

Jordan may have ended up having a pretty decent-sized role and match at WrestleMania 34, but his neck injury forced him to the sideline. Now, it appears as if the “son” of Raw general manager Kurt Angle is ready to return and it could very well happen this week.

Cageside Seats is reporting that Jason Jordan is scheduled to be at Monday Night Raw tomorrow evening in Long Island, New York. It’s not officially known if he is going to be used and make his return this week, but scheduling him to be there makes it pretty obvious that WWE will do just that.

Before needing surgery, Jordan appeared to be involved in an angle which was leading up to a big match against Seth Rollins. If the writers want to continue that storyline, they could simply throw him into the mix with Rollins again and have Jordan go after the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Whatever he may be involved in, it seems as if Jordan’s time out of the ring is over and he’s ready for his return to Monday Night Raw.

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