WWE News: Jury Selection Has Begun For Case Of CM Punk Vs. WWE Doctor – No Settlement In Sight

This may put a big wrench in the plans of CM Punk ever possibly returning to WWE, but there may be a twist.

If you ask virtually any wrestling fan, they would tell you that they’d love to CM Punk return to the ring and most notably in WWE. With his second UFC fight on the horizon, it is always possible that he may return to professional wrestling if it goes as poorly as his first one, but would it be with WWE? There is a pending court case involving CM Punk that is moving forward and it could burn the final bridge that would ever let him and Vince McMahon reconcile.

Or will it?

According to Wrestling Inc., jury selection began this Thursday in the case of CM Punk and Colt Cabana vs. WWE doctor Chris Amann. The trial is in regard to libel and slander and it was originally scheduled to get started about a week ago, but a number of delays pushed back its start.

The delays came about due to Amann’s lawyers and a new judge being assigned to the case earlier in the week.

This case is being brought by Amann against Punk and Cabana after comments were made about the doctor back in 2014. Once CM Punk finally parted ways with WWE (his release), he appeared on Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast and made a number of comments regarding the doctor which is not something he’s going to simply let go.

Dr. Amann is seeking $1 million in compensatory damages and an undisclosed amount of punitive damages from Punk.

The lawyers for CM Punk have spoken out strongly and insisted they go to trial even though a verdict against him could be highly damaging. If Punk were to win, Amann would be forced to pay legal fees but that may not be a huge loss at all, as Wrestling Inc. reports that WWE is believed to be paying Amann’s fees.

Punk’s lawyers are preparing for a jury trial, even though things could change before it actually makes it that far. As far as a settlement goes, the two sides have not had any discussions regarding a deal and it looks as if once jury selection is over, a trial date will be determined.

Last year, Fightful reported that CM Punk’s case could end up costing him more than $120,000 before even heading to court. If jury selection comes to a conclusion without any kind of settlement in place, a trial date will be determined and WWE’s Dr. Christopher Amann could face off with Punk and Colt Cabana in court. For those hoping to a WWE return for CM Punk after his time in UFC, this may be the final step off the deep end of that ever happening again.

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