WWE News: Kurt Angle Reveals Craziest Vince McMahon Story Ever, & Says He Felt Like A ‘Giant Condom’ On ‘Raw’

WWE superstar and personality Kurt Angle once again held a Q&A on his official Facebook page. Kurt Angle often engages with the WWE universe on Facebook, and each time we learn a little bit more about the WWE Hall of Famer. One fan asked Angle to reveal his all-time craziest Vince McMahon story, as EWrestlingreported.

“When he and I wrestled on a plane during an international flight. I didn’t want to do it, but Vince was in a crazy mood. So we’d wrestle for a while and stop. Then Vince would attack me again. Then he’d stop. Over and over. I just wanted to sleep. The flight attendant told us to stop, but Vince wanted to wrestler, so we wrestled for four hours. Lol.”

On Monday’s Raw, Kurt Angle surprised the WWE universe when he participated in a battle royal disguised as the ’80s wrestler, The Conquistador. Angle eliminated Baron Corbin to win the battle royal, and wrestling fans expect the two to be placed in a program in the near future. During the Facebook Q&A, the WWE Hall of Famer was asked what it was like to wear the Conquistador attire on Raw. As EWrestling documented, Angle’s answer left many fans laughing out loud.

“It sucked. I felt like I was squeezed into a big condom…lol, but it was fun.”

Kurt Angle also revealed how he came up with his “It’s true! It’s true!” catchphrase. The former WWE champion said that when he first started in the business, he was a heel and would make fun of the city that was hosting the WWE show. The Olympic gold medalist said that he would make fun of the city’s local sports teams. Kurt said that his comments were always negative but always true. So, when fans would boo him, Angle would respond by saying, “But it’s true. It’s true.”

Kurt Angle also revealed how he broke his neck in the WWE. He said that he first broke his neck in the company when he was thrown on top of his head during a match and broke four vertebrae. Though he didn’t mention who he was wrestling, as the National Post documented, Brock Lesnar broke Angle’s neck for the first time in the WWE when he rammed Kurt’s head against a turnbuckle in a tag team match at No Way Out in 2003.

During the Q&A, Angle said that his neck was broken another time when Lesnar hit him with a steel chair. The Hall of Famer broke his neck a total of four times in the WWE. Thankfully, Angle has recovered from those injuries, at least, enough to live a healthy life and return to in-ring action in the WWE.

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