WWE news: Legend Trish Stratus reveals her true thoughts on Becky Lynch's heel turn and rivalry with Charlotte Flair

Following the news Becky will defend her SmackDown Live Women’s title in the first-ever Last Woman Standing match, the record-setting seven-time champion is loving how the feud is unfolding.

Trish, real name Patricia Stratigeas, was set to face off against Alexa Bliss at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum before WWE announced a huge tag-team match in its place.

But as she prepares to step back in the ring after a seven-year absence at Evolution, the 42-year-old revealed she has kept an eye on the match threatening to steal the show.

Trish revealed to SunSport that she's highly anticipating the face-off between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

She said: "I’ve been loving the way this feud is unfolding. I think the intensity especially for…I mean, Becky is just dialled in on her character right now and I’m so enjoying it.

"And those two, there’s no shortage of goodness and greatness coming from these two; they are just fantastic to watch.

"And as a fan, I’m looking forward to them and hopefully, they’re going to go again.

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"I’m sure they are, it’s just going to continue but they’re amazing to watch.

Becky, real name Rebecca Quin, has recaptured the belt after almost two years outside of the championship picture since she lost the inaugural SmackDown title in December 2016.

Since turning heel at Summerslam, Becky has been one of the most over stars on the roster and Trish knows all too well what such a move can do for your career.

Best known as a face during her early days in WWE, Trish shocked the wrestling world when she betrayed Chris Jericho and sided with Christian.

Although the decision later catapulted Trish into super-stardom, the seven-time champion revealed she was initially against the storyline when she was told the plan.

"That day we sat down and Vince said, “So I'm thinking you turn heel today and then you walk out with Christian,” and we’re like, “Oh. No, no, no, we’ve worked for like eight months to get to this moment.”

"We were shocked and all three of us were kind of like not really feeling it.

"And you know what, at the end of the day, that was like the best thing that happened to my career, I became a heel, amazing storylines followed after that.

"Great stuff between me and Christian, and great stuff when me and Christian became a team, with Chris Jericho, I mean really great stuff. So Vince really…he’s got his finger on the pulse, he knows this."

The Hall of Famer added: "Every time I question things, they’re always right, Vince is always behind it and always right."

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