WWE News: Tyson Kidd Comments On Career-Ending Injury From Samoa Joe

It’s an injury that took him out of the ring completely, but is he bitter about how it happened?

Having to retire from a professional wrestling ring due to an injury is never easy as it usually means that a career is ending earlier than one would hope. Daniel Bryan recently returned to the ring after an injury that was thought to stop him from wrestling forever, but not everyone is that fortunate. Three years ago, Tyson Kidd suffered an injury that completely ended his career and now, he’s commenting on the moment that changed his life.

In early June of 2015, Tyson Kidd entered the ring for a dark match against a newly signed Samoa Joe, but he had no idea it would be his last one ever. During the match, Joe delivered a “Muscle Buster” which ended up causing a severe neck and spinal injury to Kidd which was expected to keep him out for more than a year.

As time went on, more information came out about Kidd’s injury and it was revealed that most people end up as a quadriplegic from that injury. It was something that worried him, his wife Natalya Neidhart, and many others as it was a very frightening situation.

In June of 2017, he announced that he was working for WWE as a full-time producer and that his in-ring career was officially over. Now, three years have passed and he’s letting the world know that things are alright as pointed out by Wrestling Inc.

Looking at it even deeper, Kidd commented that only five percent of people even survive the injury which delivered him four screws, 16 staples, and a metal rod in his neck. Kidd had tweeted out an image of his X-ray which showed just how serious things were for his life and well-being.

The following tweet came just one month after he suffered the injury in his last-ever match.

It is obvious that Tyson Kidd is happy with how things are going in his life, but he had been wrestling for 20 years when the injury took almost everything away from him. Many fans have wondered if he holds Samoa Joe responsible or is angry at the superstar for how his career ended.

Last year, Sportskeeda noticed a back-and-forth conversation between Kidd and a wrestling fan about his injury. The fan placed the blame on Samoa Joe for ending Kidd’s career and the former multi-time WWE Tag Team Champion wanted to set the record straight.

Over the course of the last decade, there have been a number of careers which have had to end due to injuries. Edge’s career was cut short back in 2011. Daniel Bryan stepped away from the ring for two years due to injuries. Just a couple of months ago, Paige was forced to end her comeback to the ring after injuries forced her out. Tyson Kidd saw his career come to an end three years ago, much earlier than it should have, but he’s still happy with life and making the best of it.

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