WWE News: Vince McMahon Scheduled To Return To ‘Raw’ On Monday

The WWE boss is scheduled to be on TV for ‘Monday Night Raw’ after ‘TLC’ to ‘shake things up.’

Just this Monday, Seth Rollins kicked off Raw with an epic rant about how much “Raw has sucked” under the reign of Baron Corbin, as reported by the Inquisitr. This left WWE fans to wonder if a change was truly in the air for Raw (and the company as a whole). Clearly, WWE is aware of the issues fans have with the current product and having one of their top Superstars acknowledge the shortcomings should lead to improvements in a logical world.

Taking the idea of major changes coming is the fact that the company has just announced that Vince McMahon would appear on Monday Night Raw this week. Generally, the WWE uses appearances from McMahon when they need a boost in the television ratings, and with the company posting record lows for its flagship show, as reported by the Inquisitr, the timing makes perfect sense.

The WWE tweeted the big news, letting fans know that McMahon would be making an appearance before Sunday Night’s TLC event takes place.

The company tweeted, “BREAKING: This Monday night, @VinceMcMahon returns to #RAW to shake things up!”

That would lead fans to believe that Baron Corbin will lose in his match with Braun Strowman, and the shakeup will be him being relieved of his position as Raw General Manager. Of course, it could just be an attempt to get extra interest in Monday’s episode, and nothing of note might actually happen.

The use of the words “shake up” could also mean that McMahon is going to announce another Superstar Shakeup, which is essentially a draft to move performers from Raw to SmackDown Live and vice-versa. Even if it’s not a full set of roster moves, we could see someone like Seth Rollins moved to SmackDown Live, since he’s been very negative on Raw in the storyline.

Either way, the speculation about what will happen from McMahon’s appearance on Raw is a good thing, as it’s getting fans talking about the show. Whether any major changes come remains to be seen, but this move certainly creates a glimmer of hope for WWE fans who aren’t happy with the product.

The last time Vince McMahon appeared on an episode of Monday Night Raw was March 12 when he suspended Roman Reigns for his recent actions. Since then, he appeared on the 1,000th episode of SmackDown, but that was essentially a non-storyline appearance where he danced with R-Truth. In January, McMahon appeared on the 25th Anniversary episode of Monday Night Raw where he took a Stone Cold Stunner from Steve Austin.

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