WWE Rumor: Becky Lynch Off Survivor Series Card, Per ‘Fightful’

The news was reported this afternoon and confirmed by multiple sources, but WWE hasn’t made it official just yet.

Coming off the invasion angle and a series of hot promos from both Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey, their big match at Survivor Series appears to be off the table due to a Becky Lynch injury. The news was first reported by Fightful and later confirmed by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The original report cited a potential concussion and broken nose as the injuries keeping Lynch from competing in the match this coming Sunday. While confirmed by multiple reliable sources, we’re still treating this as a rumor as WWE itself has not confirmed that the match is off, nor has the company posted an official diagnosis of the above injuries.

In kayfabe, Paige is the general manager of SmackDown Live, and she actually tweeted out a photo of Becky Lynch’s bloody face. In it, she said, “This is the face of the new baddest woman on the planet. Proud of everything she’s doing and especially because she’s TEAM BLUE!”

Becky Lynch also took to Twitter with some graphic images of her face last night. In one she called the blood “Irish war paint.”

At this point, the company might be waiting until SmackDown Live, which airs at 8 p.m. ET on the USA Network, to make the news official by offering another storyline reason for Becky Lynch to be out of the match.

The injury appeared to take place early in the brawl last night when Nia Jax landed a solid, closed fist shot right to Lynch’s head. It was tough to tell from the broadcast, but a fan video posted on Reddit showed the punch, and it definitely looked stiff.

Originally, reports indicated that there was no backstage heat on Jax for the stiff punch, but according to Fightful, the sentiment has changed with this new information. Namely, a huge money match being removed from the upcoming event. This isn’t the first time Nia Jax has injured someone while in the ring, with her having something of a history of botches leading to injuries or near misses for her opponents.

Leading into Survivor Series, there was a lot of speculation that Rousey versus Lynch would actually be the main event, as it felt like the hottest feud in the company right now. The alternatives would be Brock Lesnar versus AJ Styles or one of the five-on-five traditional Survivor Series matches. With that match off the card, it leaves it to one of the other two to end the show.

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