WWE Rumors: Big Cass Was Fired Over Incident With Ex-Girlfriend Carmella, Per ‘WrestlingNews.co’

The report suggests Cass grabbed Carmella’s arm after she tried to walk away from him, forcing multiple wrestlers to intervene and prevent things from getting out of hand.

Big Cass’ firing from the WWE came as a huge shock for many wrestling fans when news of his release broke earlier in the week. As previously reported by other publications, including the Inquisitr, Cass had substantial heat with management for a number of reasons, including a missed promo rehearsal, alleged cases of public intoxication, and an incident where he broke down a bathroom door on a tour bus, forcing WWE to pay for the damages. All these incidents supposedly contributed to WWE’s decision to release the 30-year-old SmackDown Live superstar, but a new report suggests that there was another incident that proved to be the “last straw,” one that involved Cass’ ex-girlfriend, Carmella.

WrestlingNews.co did not specify any timelines but cited a “well-placed source,” who told the publication that the incident took place as Cass was trying to ask forgiveness from Carmella, whom he dated until late last year. When Carmella tried to walk away, Cass allegedly grabbed her arm, causing nearby wrestlers to intervene. Reportedly, it was The Usos and Bludgeon Brothers member Erick Rowan who stepped in to prevent the incident from escalating any further.

In relation to the alleged incident with Carmella, Wrestling News Source cited a Patreon-only report from Dirty Sheets, which claimed that Cass also had an altercation with 205 Live announcer Vic Joseph, and threatened to “take his head off” after he saw Joseph with Carmella. While there have been no reports of Joseph being romantically involved with the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Cass allegedly felt that “something was going on” between them, hence his purported threats.

According to WrestlingNews.co, management made the decision to have Big Cass fired after hearing about the alleged incident. Cass, real name William Morrissey, was then released by WWE chairman Vince McMahon, in a private meeting held just hours before Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live.

Apart from the aforementioned incidents, a previous report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (c/o 411Mania) alleged that Big Cass’ backstage heat started before the segment in May where he allegedly defied orders and gone overboard when attacking a little person dressed like his onscreen rival, Daniel Bryan. The report suggested that Cass, who has been open about his support for President Donald Trump, had an argument with Syrian-Canadian colleague Sami Zayn over the treatment of Muslims that “upset many [people] backstage.” This, the Wrestling Observer noted, was the reason why Cass suffered two consecutive submission losses to Bryan on pay-per-view.

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