YouTube star KSI, 27, bizarrely claims he could beat Mike Tyson, 54, in fight and so could Logan Paul

YOUTUBE star KSI has stunned fans with his bizarre claim that he could beat Mike Tyson in a fight.

The 27-year-old won via split decision on his professional boxing debut last year against fellow online star Logan Paul.

The Brit fought the American to a draw in their first meeting, while KSI also beat YouTuber Joe Weller in a 2018 amateur bout.

Iron Mike meanwhile is making a comeback in an exhibition against Roy Jones Jr on November 28 after 15 years of retirement.

The former heavyweight champion last stepped inside the ring in June 2005 – where he was stopped by Kevin McBride.

The "Baddest Man on the Planet" was crowned the youngest world champion ever, aged 20, and his illustrious 20-year career saw him knock out 44 of his 50 opponents.

I actually could though, I actually could. The reason why – age is on my side. Age is on my side. In the first few rounds I ain’t going [all out]

But despite their vastly different careers and experience, KSI reckons he could hang with the now 54-year-old Tyson in the ring.

Speaking in the latest Sidemen video, he answered: “I actually could (beat him) though, I actually could.

“I’m undefeated, no-one has beaten me.”

KSI's YouTuber pals reacted with uproar at his statement before asking the Londoner how his former rival Logan Paul would fare against Tyson.

KSI replied: “I think Logan would beat Mike Tyson.”


When pushed to justify his reasoning, he said: “The reason why – age is on my side. Age is on my side.

“In the first few rounds I ain’t going [all out].”

KSI later revealed that his coach – highly rated cruiserweight prospect Viddal Riley – texted to say he wouldn't last against Tyson.

He joked: “Viddal said, ‘Nah, man.’

“He said, ‘You’d have to survive three rounds of three minutes, then possibly.'”

Fans on social media were less forgiving of KSI's prospects, with one tweeting: "I hope he is joking about mike tyson cause that’s just ridiculous."

Another said: "Mike Tyson 100 years old, on a walking stick dismantles KSI with one hand."

A third added: "Sidemen's recent video has KSI saying — with quite a lot of confidence — he can beat Mike Tyson in a bout. I think I've consumed too much internet for the day."

A fourth reasoned: "Did Mike Tyson ever beat anyone on the level of a Prime Logan Paul? KSI would wipe him out now tbh."

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