A man was bitten in the arm by Fidel Castro’s old crocodile in Sweden

A traditional festivity at a zoo in Sweden went awry after a man was bitten by a Cuban crocodile that once belonged to the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

The unidentified man, who was in his mid-70s, was attending a crayfish party — a summer celebration customary in Sweden — at Stockholm’s Skansen Aquarium Tuesday when he was bitten by the crocodile.

Police said the man “had his arm on the wrong side of the security glass,” the BBC reports.

“What I saw was that he climbed up on a rock and was holding one of his arms over the glass barrier of the crocodile exhibit because he was going to give a speech,” said Jonas Wahlström, the head of the aquarium, to Swedish publication The Local.

He added that the crocodile bit the man’s arm for about ten seconds, then let go. The man’s condition is unclear.

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The man’s bleeding was treated with napkins and a belt used as a tourniquet before paramedics arrived.

The crocodile, appropriately named Castro, was given to a Russian cosmonaut by Castro in 1978 before it was given to the aquarium. Castro arrived with a partner, named Hillary, and the pair has raised 11 baby crocs since arriving at the zoo.

Cuban crocodiles, according to the Smithsonian, are one of the most endangered species of crocodile — and can grow up to more than 10 feet long. 

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