A Spice Mill Designed by Michel Bras

Le Moulin, available this month at Williams Sonoma, offers a cook nine grind-size options.

By Florence Fabricant

A sleek spice mill is the latest addition to the line of kitchen utensils developed by the chef Michel Bras with the KAI Group of Japan. It operates like many others: Unscrew the top, fill the cylinder, replace the top and grind by turning it. An important feature is the ease with which the texture can be adjusted, by turning the lower band with nine gradual markings. When you finish grinding a particular ingredient you can easily empty the inside. But then it pays to give the thing a few more turns to make sure you’ve gotten all those fennel seeds or cardamom pods out before using the mill for something else.

Le Moulin, $188, williams-sonoma.com.

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