A40 plane crash heroes tell of dramatic moment they saved passengers

‘Another 120 seconds… it would be a different story’: A40 plane crash heroes tell of dramatic moment they saved three passengers with just MINUTES to spare amid fears burning wreckage was about to explode

  • Daniel Nicholson and Joel Snarr saved the passengers of the A40 crash
  • Jack Moore his sister, Billie Manley and their uncle Stuart Moore were rescued
  • The trio had been flying to Manchester to watch a game when the plane crashed
  • Daniel had been driving along with his son when he saw the plane crash down
  • Joel saw Daniel trying to rescue the passengers and got out of his car to help 

The heroes of the A40 car crash have revealed the rescue of the passengers in the plane and their survival all came down to a two minute window of opportunity.  

Daniel Nicholson and Joel Snarr had been driving in separate vehicles on the A40 in Abergavenny when they saw a plane crashing into a busy road.

The duo managed to save Jack Moore, along with his sister, Billie Manley and their uncle Stuart Moore – who was piloting the light aircraft, after the accident on Sunday.

The trio had been flying to Manchester to watch a game when their light aircraft crashed shortly after take-off in South Wales. 

Now Joel, who previously served in the military says their survival came down to just two minutes.

Daniel Nicholson and Joel Snarr (pictured above) told how they managed to pull the passengers out of the plane

Jack Moore, 25, (left) his sister Billie Manley, 16 (right) and pilot uncle Stuart Moore (right) were saved after their plane crashed on the A40 in Monmouthshire

Speaking to Phil and Holly on this morning, Joel said: ‘I was very aware one side of the plane was on fire, you’re aware that it could, blow up may by a strong word, but certainly if the rest of the fuel combusts you know it could kill the passengers.

‘I believe another 120 seconds and we wouldn’t be sat here now being congratulated, it would be a different story.’

Less than five minutes after taking off from a landing strip near Abergavenny, in Monmouthshire, the four-seater Cirrus crash-landed on the A40 dual carriageway as horrified relatives looked on. 

Daniel, who works as a general manager said he had been driving along with his son when he witnessed the plane crashing down.

‘I managed to get under the wings and thankfully they were still alive but then you realise you have to get them out and the plane was already on fire.

Daniel (left) and Joel (right) have now become firm friends following the accident 

‘I saw the two people at the beginning and there was another one at the back and they were obviously very distressed and screaming for help.’

Despite having his young son in the car, Daniel remained calm and got out as fast as he could to help.

He added:  ‘I was probably there within five seconds and I can’t even remember what I said to my son. I think I said stay there and just got out the car and ran as quickly as possible to the plane.’

It was then that Joel had been driving past, in the opposite direction, and said he spotted Daniel working on getting passengers out of the plane.

Daniel (pictured above) arrived at the scene and was struggling to pull the third passenger out of the plane

Joel (pictured above) had seen Daniel trying to help and got out of the car and offered assistance

Many cars continued to drive past and by the time Joe got to the wreckage, Daniel had already managed to get out two of the passengers.

Joel said: ‘Daniel was already heading to Abergavenny and I was heading away from it. The plane hit the central reservation and only just missed Daniel’s car by 30/40 metres. 

‘I was a bit further back on the other side of the road with my wife. In a couple of seconds we realised what had happened and I said to my wife don’t panic and I ran out of the car.’

He added that the whole day had been integral to the pair and their team work helped save the day.

Pictures showed lines of traffic halted on the road as stunned spectators are dwarfed by the huge, dark plumes

The plane in flames on the A40 with thick, black smoke billowing out of the wreckage

‘Thankfully Daniel had thought quicker than I,  moved faster than I and had smashed the back of the small white aircraft which isn’t very big at all, extracted the first two passengers and as I got there the pilot was reaching his arms out through this little hole and I just grabbed hold of him.’

After serving in the army, Joel suffered from PTSD and is currently receiving cognitive behavioural therapy and he says the accident will be both positive and negative for him.   

‘The negative will be that maybe it has set me back weeks or a couple of months. The positives being that with the cognitive behavioural therapy I have learnt a lot about how my mind works, what to expect and how to deal with those unexpected circumstances.

‘So it’s both positive and negative.’

Daniel (pictured with his wife Joanne) narrowly avoided being hit by the plane

Daniel and Joel appeared on This Morning today in order to tell their version of the crash

Daniel said it has also been a difficult time coming to terms with the accident and said the last few days had been an ’emotional roller coaster’.

‘Obviously there has been a lot of press interest in the story and thankfully it’s a positive story to tell and I think it’s only now I’m really starting to process it and realise the gravity of what we have done and we would say we are quite proud of what we have done.’

The pilot’s mother briefly called Joel on Monday morning  from a private number to pass on thanks to Daniel and Joel, and to let them know that the trio were out of hospital.

In a statement read out by Phil the crash victims said: ‘We would to like to thank Joel and Daniel, the emergency services and everyone else who helped us, from the bottom of our hearts. 

While on the sofa, Phil read out a touching statement which had been penned by the survivors

The statement thanked Daniel (pictured above), as well as Joel and praised their bravery 

‘The courage, bravery and quick thinking of the two men proved to be lifesaving and we will be forever grateful for their actions and their families should be very proud of them for what they have done.’

Part of a statement from one of the survivors, Jack, was also read out by Phil:’ ‘I would also like to thank my uncle, as he was put in a difficult situation through no fault of his own. 

‘He remained calm and prevented any serious injuries for anyone in the area, the whole experience has been overwhelming and I can only thank every one for their kind messages.’

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and Joel said he was keen to go on the show and try and use ‘this little spare time in the spotlight’ to get the message across to anyone who is struggling to cope.

In a card Joel created, which was read out by Phil, he said: ‘If you’ve been shot stabbed assaulted or received any other serious injury in service to country or the community, you wouldn’t think twice about going to see a doctor about the injury and beginning the recovery process, it could take a week, it could take a month, the body and mind can be fixed.

‘These sorts of injuries should be worn with pride, because you don’t have them for no reason.’ 

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