Abandoned, trash-filled boat leaves Bronx residents fuming

What the hull?!

Some scalawag abandoned a trash-filled fishing boat on a Bronx street, and the eyesore has been sitting curbside for more than a week, according to fed-up neighbors.

The craft, which appears to be an older-model 22-foot Iola Molded Plastics fishing boat, lists to its starboard side on the asphalt near 1981 Cedar Ave. in University Heights — a stone’s throw from the Harlem River.

“A boat should be in the water and not the street,” said neighborhood resident Jim Tolentino, 36, one of several passers-by who reported that the craft was dumped more than a week ago.

“I don’t know why the city doesn’t clean it up. The trash is ridiculous.”

Indeed, it’s illegal to park a boat trailer on the street for more than 24 hours, according to the Department of Transportation — but the rules don’t specifically address boats sitting on the asphalt.

The dingy dinghy is missing its steering wheel and outboard motor, but someone moored it to a light pole anyhow, using what appears to be a half-hitch knot with an overhand backup — thus protecting its precious cargo of garbage, standing ­water and a car bumper.

The registration stickers have been scratched off, but it has ironic placards with the message: “The crew has finally put it all together, however they forgot where they put it.”

Another joke sticker read: “Our captain says if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bulls–t.”

A Department of Sanitation tag dated April 17 says the boat is scheduled for removal.

A Sanitation rep said the craft would be hauled off by trailer Wednesday and taken to a DSNY facility where it will be dismantled and disposed of.

Neighbors speculated that the craft’s owner dumped it there to avoid paying for proper disposal.

“That’s how come they dumped it,” said a man who gave his name only as Mr. Thompson. “It cost money to get rid of it.”

It won’t be known precisely how much the removal will cost taxpayers until the boat has been disassembled and disposed of, the Sanitation spokesman said.

Additional reporting by ­Danielle Furfaro

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