American Airlines passenger claims stewardess called police on her 'because she was fat and black'

Amber Phillips, 28, said the white woman next to her made an "active scene" and humiliated her on the short flight from North Carolina to Washington DC.

"The cops were called on me for flying while fat and black," Phillips said in several tweets detailing what happened on flight AA5580.

She recorded the passenger who is seen trying to cover her face and eventually asks her to stop filming.

Phillips, a digital media strategist, explained that she was arrested on a shuttle bus to the arrivals terminal after the plane had landed.

She added: "This white woman literally spent the entire 45 minute flight making an active scene because my arm was touching hers.

"Loudly asking if I could 'move over' on a plane so small everyone's carry on bags had to be valeted… It was awful!
"I decide to take the picture and video after we landed and the pilot announced that we were 25 minutes early.
"When this [white woman] sat back in her seat during landing after leaning forward on her seat tray for most of the flight, she was able to sit back comfortably without touching me.

"That was my final straw. She made the CHOICE to act out and make me feel like s*** when she didn't have to."

Phillips then claims the woman lied about being assaulted by her, prompting cops to remove her from the shuttle bus.

She added: "She knew she was wrong. She knew I was going to hold her accountable with my pictures.

"That's when she decided to pair up with the white @AmericanAir flight attendant to call the cops on me after I was already off the plane and on the shuttle to go home."

Phillips says the officer yanked her ID out of her hand before telling her he was investigating the altercation as an "assault".
The furious flyer claims police never asked her for a statement and MailOnline reports that no charges have been filed by police.

American Airlines tweeted her to say: "We want to make the world a smaller, more inclusive place.

"Please meet us in DM with more info and your contact info."


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