An Argument Over Christmas Dinner Results In A Ham Being Thrown At A Woman

For those who always laugh about the inevitable argument between family members on Christmas Day, bear a thought for the family whose argument spiraled downhill into a massive food fight — and this wasn’t even on Christmas Day!

Everyone has heard the stories about massive family fights on Christmas Day. Considering how stressful the lead up to Christmas day can be, it’s no surprise. Added into the mix is the fact that some family gatherings might also include relatives that don’t get along, it is no surprise that there are so many blow ups on Christmas day.

However, for a family in Kentucky, this Christmas would have likely been a solemn affair after a fight broke out in the lead up to Christmas and a man was arrested for throwing food — including a Christmas ham — at a woman.

This fight resulted in a Kentucky man being arrested on Sunday after the argument over Christmas dinner got out of hand. The man is accused of throwing a ham at a woman after negotiations broke down over which day the Christmas dinner would be held.

According to Fox News, David D. Brannon, 21, was “arrested and charged with assault and fleeing or evading police on foot.”

Sheriff’s deputies from Laurel County attended the incident which occurred approximately two miles north of London, Kentucky, at 10 p.m. on Sunday, December 23.

When police arrived on the scene, Brannon was “attempting to flee.” However, the police did eventually capture the man and arrested him on site. It was then discovered that the man had allegedly been responsible for throwing several items — including the ham.

The Laurel County police department posted details of the arrest to their official Facebook account.

“An investigation was conducted by deputies who learned that an assault allegedly occurred following an argument over what day the family was having Christmas dinner when this individual began throwing items at the female victim including the ham for the dinner,” the statement read.

Deputy Josh Scott along with Deputy Allen Turner were the attending officers. After a further investigation, they discovered various items strewn across the floor of the house, according to the police statement on the matter.

“Several items were found on the floor in the kitchen of the residence.”

After being detained by police, David Brannon was charged with assault in the fourth degree as well as second-degree fleeing or evading police on foot.

David D. Brannon is currently being detained at the Laurel County detention center.

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