ANDREW PIERCE: Corbyn’s Left said what they thought of the Queen 

ANDREW PIERCE: Labour’s virtue-signalling republicans parade on BBC as Auntie offers offers anti-monarchist coverage during the royal wedding

Just as predictable as the BBC offering a platform to anti-monarchists during its royal wedding coverage was that the Labour Party’s republican virtue-signallers were on parade over the weekend.

How handy that Jeremy Corbyn (who has callously spoken of the Queen’s death, saying it should spell the end of the monarchy) had an excuse not to watch the wedding but instead attended an economics conference.

Among exciting topics discussed were how ‘the tide of history has turned against the old neo-liberal way of thinking’.

Jeremy Corbyn has callously spoken of the Queen’s death, saying it should spell the end of the monarchy

Meanwhile, Jezza’s hard-Left colleague Chris Williamson, MP, gave an interview to the Not The Royal Wedding podcast. The vegan former social worker boasted that once, as a hunt saboteur, he had challenged Prince Charles.

‘I told him he was a national disgrace as someone who claims to care about the environment but kills animals for fun.’

Warming to his miseryguts view of royal wedding day, Williamson said that if he ever met the Queen, he would tell her to abdicate.

He also explained how he refuses to sing the National Anthem whenever he attends a ceremony at the cenotaph in his Derby constituency on Remembrance Sunday.

Asked whom he would like to replace the Queen as Britain’s first elected head of state, he suggested former miners’ leader Arthur Scargill. What a charmless lot these anti-monarchists are!

What’s in Watson’s skip? 

Widely condemned for taking £540,000 in donations from Max Mosley, the multi-millionaire former motor racing tycoon with a racist and thuggish past, deputy Labour leader Tom Watson has lodged an entry in the latest register of interests for MPs for £3,000 from a skip hire company. Now that the failed VIP paedophile scandal which dragged in former army hero Lord Bramall and the Tories’ Lord (Leon) Brittan has ended with both exonerated, he probably has a lot of paper to dispose of.

Tipped by some as a future party leader, Tory MP and former Army officer James Cleverly must improve his public speaking. Last week, he offended many while making the closing speech at a gathering of academics, foreign dignitaries, peers and MPs at Tate Britain. Referring to a picture by French artist Theodore Roussel of a nude girl reading a newspaper, which was on one of the walls, Cleverly unnecessarily used the word ‘t*ts’ and made an unchivalrous reference to his own wife. 

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has pledged to call to account any Left-wing websites that run articles which play down anti-Semitism.

He should start with the Labour Representation Committee. Among the top six articles on its website is one by Jackie Walker, suspended over anti-Semitism allegations, and two backing Marc Wadsworth, recently expelled for anti-Semitism. Who is president of the Labour Representation Committee? Yes, it’s John McDonnell.

 Gordon Brown, who, unlike Brexit saboteur Tony Blair, has kept silent over the Government’s arm-wrestling with Brussels, is planning a public appearance at London’s Southbank Centre. Tickets are from £10 and he’s billed as ‘a towering figure in UK and global politics’. ‘An Evening with Gordon Brown’ is a family affair — he will be interviewed on stage by his wife, Sarah.

Dimbleby’s dig at Humphreys

Jonathan Dimbleby (pictured) taunted John Humphreys that the Today programme has shed 65,000 listeners in the past year

Mischievously, Radio 4 presenter Jonathan Dimbleby, 73, tried to wind up his BBC colleague John Humphrys, 74.

He taunted him that the Today programme, which the latter presents, has shed 65,000 listeners in the past year. By comparison, Dimbleby said his own Any Questions had ‘bucked the trend with its gently growing audience’.

Humphrys honourably refused to rise to the bait. Surely it can’t be their comparative pay deals that triggered Dimbleby’s barb? 

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