Another soaking on the way as the soggy September continues in southern Manitoba

With already two significant rainfalls and some scattered shower activity in the month of September, Winnipeg has already far surpassed its typical rainfall totals for the month and the biggest rain event yet looks to be on the way.

Here is a look at the rain Winnipeg has received already in the month of September.

September 2019 rainfall totals for Winnipeg, Man.

Typically, Winnipeg will see about 45.5 mm of rainfall. Through the first half of the month, the city has already seen close to 70 mm. If this rainy pace were to continue through the rest of September, it would put this month in the Top 5 rainiest Septembers on record in Winnipeg.

Highest rainfall totals registered in the month of September in Winnipeg since 1872.

Friday and Saturday is when the next big rain storm is expected to hit Winnipeg and southern Manitoba. It will move in from the south and could trigger thunderstorm activity as well. Environment and Climate Change Canada is already forecasting potential for severe thunderstorms meaning hail, damaging winds and heavy downpours are possible.

RPM model from Wednesday Sept. 18, 2019.

Rain will move in from the south beginning on Friday and continue through Saturday. Rainfall totals at the beginning of week indicated 30-40 mm were possible from this system. As of Wednesday morning, models suggest rainfall totals may be slightly higher and Winnipeg may be closer to 40-50 mm range.

Regardless, if the rainfall ends up at 30 or 50 mm by Sunday morning, it will be a very soggy-to-soaking end to the work week and start of the weekend. It will also move September 2019 closer to one of the rainiest in the city’s history.

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