Applauding the Supreme Court’s ruling on sports betting

Congratulations to New Jersey! I look forward to not betting on sports just like I currently don’t bet at casinos.

As you may have heard, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the federal law banning sports gambling outside of a few parts of the US is unconstitutional — and that New Jersey and other states can now get into the business of accepting bets on baseball, basketball, football, soccer and, I suppose, any other game that involves a ball and oversized people.

But here’s the thing. As a New Jersey resident, I helped pay the legal bills for this victory. And I’m thrilled that New Jersey racetracks, like Monmouth Park — where I do go — will soon have another source of revenue.

However, the Supreme Court ruling will also allow other states to take sports bets. So Pennsylvania, which didn’t pay any of the legal bills in this fight, will also benefit from this ruling.

And because of that, it will take sports betting business away from New Jersey — in the same way it did when Pennsylvania legalized casinos.

But that doesn’t mean I have any complaints about the high court’s decision. There’s a bigger issue here than just New Jersey and the other states getting some extra dough from people with gambling habits.

Sports betting already exists in Nevada, where it has been a mainstay in Las Vegas for decades. And Delaware, Oregon and Montana are also allowed to have sports betting inside their borders.

So, if four states already have the right, why not the others? The Supreme Court agreed.

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