Area 51 turns into nightclub as DJ Paul Oakenfold starts rave for alien hunters – but memes mock wacky event – The Sun

DJ Paul Oakenfold last night raved up a storm at Area 51 in front of a crowd of UFO hunters.

The secretive US air base in the Nevada desert has long been the centre of conspiracy theories which claim it houses alien spacecraft.

And after California student Matty Roberts, 21, jokingly urged others online to “Storm Area 51” a makeshift festival has raging near the facility.

Last night hundreds of alien believers protested at the security gates of Area 51 waving placards with pictures of ET on them.

British musician Oakenfold performed to the crowds at another festival called Area 51 Basecamp at the Alien Research Centre in the tiny desert town of Rachel which has a 50-strong population

Rachel, on Nevada State Route 375, was renamed the Extra-terrestrial Highway in 1996 as it leads to the base.

Prior to the event, DJ Oakenfold told his millions of fans: "I will be in the desert looking for Aliens on Friday night. Will let you know how I get on." Another night of festivities is planned tonight

Conspiracy theorists believe the US military is hiding crashed flying saucers and alien bodies at the airforce base, 150 miles north of Las Vegas, where guards are authorised to shoot trespassers.

Physicist Bob Lazar claimed he worked on disc shaped alien vehicles at an area known as S4 in the Nellis test range in the 1980s.

He is now the star of a new Netflix documentary by Jeremy Corbell, who is close pals with Brit pop star Robbie Williams, 30 years after breaking his silence.

However, despite over million people responding to the satirical Facebook post "Storm Area 51" the numbers of people reportedly turning up are estimated to be in the low thousands.

Some social media users mocked the event with memes and GIFS branding it a glorified Halloween party.

Five people have been arrested at the event since Thursday and several minor injuries were reported.

One man was treated for dehydration by festival medics in Rachel before returning to the party.

While costumed space aliens were a common, dayglow, and sometimes hilarious sight, no one reported seeing actual extraterrestrials or UFOs.

"There's a great sense of community among everyone here," said John Derryberry, who drove with his girlfriend, Sarah Shore, from Nashville, Tennessee.

"It started as a joke and now people are getting to know each other," said Tracy Ferguson, 23, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

He said the internet gave him the idea to drive to Nevada with his girlfriend, Jade Gore, 19, of Worthington, Minnesota.

Cyril Soudant, 25, of Lille, France, said at the event in Rachel that he was disappointed not to see more people.

Soudant took video for his YouTube channel and said he would wait until Friday night to make a final assessment about the experience.

"We all know we can't cross the gate," Soudant said.

"But if tonight we get together, have some music, have some beers, that would be a success."

What is Area 51? The top secret US air base steeped in extra-terrestrial intrigue

AREA 51 is a highly classified US air base in the remote Nevada desert.

It is officially known as Homey Airport, but gained its now famous name from CIA documents that referred to it by the codename Area 51.

The exact purpose of the air base is not known publicly, and the area is heavily restricted.

Trespassers can face huge fines and lengthy prison sentences for setting foot in the zone.

Purchased by the US government in 1955, evidence suggests the site is used as a testing area for experimental aircraft and weapons.

But the secrecy surrounding it has led conspiracy theorists to suggest the area is holding extra-terrestrial secrets.

Theories suggest engineers examine crashed spacecrafts — and even hold meetings with aliens from across the galaxy.

The crash of a weather balloon at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 sparked wild theories of an alien ship crash.

Some have suggested Area 51 is still storing parts of the crashed ship — or even its alien inhabitants.

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