Armed robbers leave blood everywhere in terrifying raid on family’s home

A terrified mum and dad were left covered in blood after three masked robbers broke into their home and attacked them with hammers and an axe.

The thugs burst into their home in Coventry while the couple’s four children were inside, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

But despite demanding money, the gang escaped with just two bracelets and some tobacco, Coventry Live reports.

Jaime Kelly and her partner Kirk were just settling down for the evening to watch television at around 8pm on Thursday, September 13.

Their four children – Hayden 14, Harvey 11, Kyra, five, and three-year-old Kiarnna – were also in the house.

And they have bravely spoken out in a bid to catch the thugs who subjected them to their ordeal.

Jaime, 30, said: "I had just put my little girls to bed and we were lying on the sofa to watch TV when three men have come in with masks and helmets on.

"They had axes and hammers and were shouting ‘give me your money’. I thought it was a joke at first as you don’t think this will happed to you.

"They started beating Kirk and dragged him out. One grabbed me and took two bracelets off my wrist.

"They went to go upstairs and he’s whacked me in the face with the axe."

Despite the attack, Jaime followed the robber upstairs who looked in to one of her son’s bedrooms, while she pushed her daughter back in to her room to keep her safe, before the thug went in to her bedroom.

"He ripped the doors of the wardrobe and was still shouting ‘where’s the money’," she said.

"They started trashing the room and the bed. He then came downstairs and they went on the motorbikes."

As the robbers rode off, Jaime and Kirk, 33, were left nursing their wounds and taking in the sight of their usually safe and secure home having been trashed.

"There was blood everywhere," explained Jaime, with photos they took afterwards showing blood on floors, doors, walls and even on the back of one of the girl’s dolls house that had been thrown to the floor.

Police arrived shortly after following a 999 call made by one of the boys in the house alerting police to the robbery in Cope Arnolds Close.

The robbers left Jaime with blood spurting from a cut by her nose, which she says has left her face totally numb, while Kirk suffered cuts and bumps to his head. Both needed hospital treatment.

The terrifying robbery has also had a massive psychological impact on the family with Jaime saying one of her boys won’t come downstairs in the house by himself.

They have also installed security cameras at the house.

Jaime also believes the gang may have believed they had money in the house from Kirk’s job as a self-employed builder.

"They targeted us", she said. "But we’ve only got a van and a car outside.

"Kirk works hard for his money. Anyone who knows him knows he doesn’t ever have his work clothes off."

Jaime says that while there was a large police presence immediately after the robbery, they are yet to take a formal statement from her and although they have retrieved CCTV footage from one of the local shops, there are many others officers are yet to ask.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: "We are investigating after a man and woman were hit with an axe during a robbery at an address in Cope Arnolds Close, Longford.

"The pair, both aged in their 30s, were treated for injuries which were not serious. Jewellery was taken and enquiries are on-going.

"It’s understood they were attacked by four men, all wearing helmets, who left the scene on two motorbikes.

"House-to-house enquiries have been completed and CCTV seized for examination.

"Anyone with information can contact us via Live Chat at between 8am and midnight or call 101 any time quoting crime reference number 20CV/209703K/18".

Details can also be given anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or online at .

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