Army veteran bottled by speedboat killer Jack Shepherd had survived Taliban sniper before 'disgraceful' attack

THE ARMY veteran bottled by speedboat killer Jack Shepherd said he had "far more respect" for the Taliban sniper who shot him in Afghanistan than the "snivelling little coward".

Last week Shepherd, 31, had four years added to his jail rap for attacking ex-soldier David Beech with a vodka bottle.

Shepherd, originally from Exeter, is already serving six years for the manslaughter of Charlotte Brown, 24, who was thrown from his boat when it capsized on the River Thames during their first date in December 2015.

The web designer bottled Mr Beech in Newton Abbot, Devon, in March last year while on bail over the death of Charlotte.

Shepherd fled to Georgia but was returned to the UK in April.

Mr Beech, who was shot while serving in Afghanistan in 2014, told the Mail on Sunday: "Jack Shepherd is a spineless liar, a snivelling little coward, and a sociopath who tries to manipulate everybody and every situation to his own advantage.

"I've got far more respect for the Taliban sniper who shot me than I have for him. He's a complete weasel. The apologies, the remorse shown in court, it's all a sham.'

His attack on me was enough to have killed me or blinded me yet it came without any warning

Mr Beech, a former frontline Challenger Tank driver, told how the cowardly attack by Shepherd led to a series of terrifying flashbacks to the moment he was shot in the head by the Taliban.

The bottling left him scared to leave his house and he was left with a scar on his forehead, just two inches from where he was shot.

He said: "His attack on me was enough to have killed me or blinded me yet it came without any warning. There were no threats, no escalation before it happened, none of the things I had been trained to look for and guard against.

"So how could I be certain he wouldn't sneak back to Devon and come after me again?"


Earlier this month the court heard how Shepherd and a pal had been drinking all day then went to the White Hart Hotel in Newton Abbot, Devon, in March last year.

Mr Beech, who was on duty in the bar, told the pair they were too drunk to be served and asked them to leave.

Shepherd pulled a vodka bottle from his back pocket and hit Mr Beech in the face.

He recalled: "For several seconds I could see the chaos of warfare all around me. It was overwhelming, like being hypnotised I guess, and very scary."

Shepherd tried to run off but was caught by Mr Beech's colleague and an off-duty police officer.

He first tried to claim Mr Beech had struck him first, an accusation clearly disproved by the CCTV footage.

Last week Shepherd launched a brazen attempt to have manslaughter conviction overturned in the Court of Appeal.

He claims his crash confessions should not have been used against him as he was not offered a solicitor.

Shepherd also claimed he was wrongly informed he was being treated as a witness, not a suspect, the day after the fatality and was not cautioned.

Shepherd’s UK case sparked outrage when The Sun revealed he won taxpayer-funded legal aid to appeal his conviction while on the run.

Charlotte's family have previously slammed Shepherd, with her mum Roz saying: "It’s time that he shows remorse and stops lying. He’s convinced himself that he’s the victim.

“It shows his incredible arrogance and lack of respect or empathy for anyone else. It’s like he has forgotten what’s right and wrong. His moral compass isn’t there.”

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