Audio reveals Piers Morgan THANKED Trump despite 'deceptive editing'

‘That was a great interview’: Full audio reveals Piers Morgan THANKED Trump after pair talked for over an hour before he walked out as row erupts over whether video was ‘deceptively’ edited

  • Audio recording of Piers Morgan’s more than hour-long interview with Trump shows the trailer was deceptive in showing the ex-president storm off set 
  • A row has erupted over whether the promotional clip was ‘deceptively’ edited
  • The British television personality thanked Trump for the ‘great interview’
  • Morgan wrote in a New York Post column Trump ended interview by ‘abruptly jumping to his feet, looking hateful, and barking at the shocked crew’ 
  • A promo teaser also makes it seem like Trump said ‘turn the camera off’ while getting up and storming out 
  • But the audio obtained by directly contradict the teaser for Morgan’s interview
  • Audio reveals the two men laughing and chatting as the interview wraps up
  • Trump spokesman says he said ‘turn the camera off’ after getting up 
  • The trailer clip was first reported by the New York Post, owned by News Corp
  • Morgan recently signed a comprehensive TV and print deal with News Corp  

Piers Morgan thanked Donald Trump for a ‘great interview’ in audio obtained by despite a preview of the interview from News Corp appearing to show the former president cutting it off early and storming out.

It adds to the row between Morgan and the ex-President over whether the video was ‘deceptively edited’ to show Trump walking out after a short interview.

After going for more than an hour back-and-forth with the television personality, Trump’s staff told Morgan: ‘We’re an hour in, we need to wrap.’

Morgan proceeded to get in about five more questions before he finally ended the interview. At that point, Trump asked for the cameras and lights to be turned off.

‘That was a great interview. Thank you very much,’ Morgan said to Trump. 

The revelation of what appears to be a more cordial interview with the former president comes after Morgan’s team put out a 30-second trailer previewing their sit down with what seemed like a confrontational Trump.

Morgan has claimed in a series of tweets since the clip aired that it was not deceptively edited and Trump left because he was annoyed by questions on the 2020 election and voter fraud.

Splices of several clips included a voiceover claiming Trump is a ‘former president in denial’ and shows him calling Morgan a ‘fool’. It also shows Trump abruptly ending the interview, storming off set and ordering the crew to ‘turn the cameras off.’

‘Very dishonest,’ he muttered in the trailer. 

The more than seven-minute clip obtained by does include a part where Trump calls Morgan ‘not real’ and ‘dishonest.’

Audio recordings of Piers Morgan’s (right) more than hour-long interview with Donald Trump (left) was obtained by and shows that the trailer put out by the British television personality’s team was deceptive in showing Trump storm off set

‘That was a great interview. Thank you very much,’ Morgan said to Trump after the interview concluded

‘I think I’m a very honest man. Much more honest than you,’ Trump said.

‘Really? I’m pretty honest,’ Morgan replied.

‘I don’t think you’re real,’ Trump continued. ‘I think I’m a much more honest person in most ways and most respects.’

The former president then deflected: ‘But we’re not going to get into that. Let’s finish up the interview.’

Morgan thanking Trump for the interview followed the final string of questions, which included asking him to define what a woman is in a clear reference to incoming Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation where she refused to define ‘woman.’

The interviewer posed: ‘What is a woman?’

‘I’m not going to respond to the question,’ Trump said, before going on: ‘But a woman is somebody that swims in a certain time that doesn’t get beaten by 38 seconds by somebody who wasn’t even a good swimmer as a man.’

He was obviously making reference to the recent viral news when trans swimmer Lia Thomas, who was born biologically male, won the NCAA women’s championship for 500 freestyle – bearing all other competitors by several seconds.

Trump released an audio recording Wednesday night that appears to refute the edited video clip that depicted the ex-president storming out of a sit-down interview with Morgan.

The audio recording released and received by shows no signs of Trump storming off set.

Trump’s communications director Taylor Budowich claims the video trailer was deceptively edited by splicing audio of Trump saying ‘turn the camera off’ over video of him standing up, to make it look as if he abruptly cut off the interview.

The British commentator Morgan recently signed a comprehensive deal with Fox News parent company News Corp – and the trailer was intended to promote an interview airing next week on News Corp outlets around the world. 

Donald Trump has accused Piers Morgan of deceptively editing a video clip to make it appear that he stormed out of their interview 

A 30-second trailer made it appear that Trump furiously stormed out of a sit-down interview with Piers Morgan when the television host told him he had lost the election

The sequence depicted in the video matches Morgan’s dramatic description in a column for the New York Post, which is also owned by News Corp.

Morgan wrote that the interview ended with Trump ‘abruptly jumping to his feet, looking hateful, and barking at the shocked crew: ‘TURN THE CAMERAS OFF!”

‘Then he turned on his heel, and sloped angrily off through a side door, loudly muttering, ‘SO dishonest …” added Morgan.

But according to NBC, the audio provided by the Trump camp shows the interview actually ending with Morgan saying: ‘That was a great interview.’ 

Trump then agreed, saying ‘yeah.’

‘Thank you very much. I really appreciate it,’ Morgan says.

It’s at that point in the audio that Trump is heard saying, ‘Turn the camera off.’

But Trump communications director Taylor Budowich disputed the video trailer’s depiction of making the remark as he got up and stormed off. He said that when he said ‘turn the camera off’, he had already risen from his chair.

Trump’s camp also claims that his remark calling Morgan dishonest was from earlier in the interview, after Morgan repeatedly insisted that he had just one more question, only to continue on with the interview.

In a statement after the trailer was released, Trump described the video clip as being ‘deceptively edited’.

Morgan wrote in his column that the interview had originally only been scheduled for 20 minutes, but ran longer than an hour, undermining claims that Trump cut the sit-down short. 

In a thirty-second preview for his new Fox Nation show ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored,’ Trump, curtly tells Morgan ‘I’m a very honest man. Much more honest than you actually.’ ‘Really?’ Morgan replies

Trump is pictured walking off from the interview after he ordered crew to ‘cut the cameras’ — but Trump’s spokesman claims that the sequence was deceptively edited

Trump spokesman Budowich slammed Morgan over the preview clip, telling NBC: ‘This is a pathetic attempt to use President Trump as a way to revive the career of a failed television host.’

‘It is also another example of President Trump being right, as he told Piers Morgan that the host was dishonest to his face and Piers, for the first time in his life, didn’t disappoint,’ added Budowich.

A News Corp spokesperson did not immediately respond to an inquiry from late on Wednesday, but the company told NBC it had no further comment beyond the contents of the trailer clip and Morgan’s Post column.

Morgan was previously a regular columnist for before he inked his deal with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. 

His full interview with Trump will air on the premiere episode of ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ on April 25 and will be played on Fox Nation in the US, Talk TV in the UK, and Sky News Australia.  

The trailer for the interview also shows Morgan asking Trump tough questions about his unproven claims of election fraud. 

‘It was a free and fair election. You lost,’ Morgan says in another moment. ‘Only a fool would think that,’ Trump, who appears to be glistening with sweat, shoots back. ‘I do now, yeah.’ 

‘I don’t think you’re real,’ Trump tells Morgan.  

Morgan has said that he and Trump have an almost 15-year friendship starting when Morgan won Celebrity Apprentice in 2008. 

Morgan and Trump appear at a Celebration Party for Kim Kardashian’s appearance on ‘The Apprentice’ in November 2010 

Morgan wrote in his op-ed for the New York Post that one hour before the interview was scheduled, someone had sent Trump a list of quotes where Morgan had been sharply critical of the former president. 

He said that Trump called him into his office ahead of the interview and asked ‘What the f*** is this?’ Trump rattled off a few of the attacks, lifted from op-eds and TV appearances by Morgan. 

‘Trump’s a supreme narcissist,’ ‘He’s now acting like a Mafia mob boss,’ and ‘And all because Donald’s stupendous ego couldn’t accept losing and sent him nuts,’ were a few of the quotes. 

‘I thought we were friends?’ Trump reportedly shouted. ‘This is so disloyal! After all I’ve done for you? Why would you say all this about me?’ 

Morgan said that to calm Trump down, he asked him about the hole-in-one he purported to have gotten recently, and the former president begrudgingly agreed to still sit for the interview. 

But throughout the 75-minute interview, Morgan says Trump called him a ‘fool’ seven times, in between dubbing Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell ‘stupid and his former Vice President Mike Pence ‘foolish and weak’ – all for not buying into his election fraud claims. 

When Morgan told Trump he hadn’t produced any evidence of widespread voter fraud and blamed his refusal to admit defeat for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Trump reportedly told Morgan: ‘Then you’re a FOOL! And you haven’t studied!’

Trump told Morgan the document containing a list of negative quotes came from London, and Morgan implied he believes it came from former Brexit Leader Nigel Farage, who now works as a host at rival UK network GB News. 

Trump had initially tried to end the interview by declaring ‘That’s it!’  but when Morgan suggested they discuss his hole-in-one, he sat back down. After bragging of the supposed golf game, Trump stood up with a ‘hateful’ look and barked at the crew to turn the cameras off, Morgan claimed. 

Morgan is pictured above with Melania and Donald Trump and Eliot Spitzer and Dr. Mehmet Oz for Morgan’s book party  

Morgan and Trump have been friends for nearly 15 years

Trump and Morgan have had an on-and-off friendship that has rolled with the tides of Morgan’s public criticisms and praises of the former president. In April 2020, Trump unfollowed Morgan on Twitter after he wrote a column for telling him to ‘Shut the f*ck up Mr President.’ 

In another column Morgan said that ‘Shameful would-be mob boss Don Trumpone needs to be ”whacked’ by decent Republicans’ over his call with Georgia Sec. of State Brad Raffensberger where the former president asked him to ‘find’ 11,780 votes, or the number he needed to win Georgia. 

Trump has shown no signs of giving up on election fraud claims, still claiming the election was ‘rigged’ and ‘stolen’ in rallies across the country as he looks to drum up support for both himself and the 103 candidates he has endorsed for Senate, House and state governorships so far. 

Trump yanked back his endorsement of Alabama GOP Rep. Mo Brooks for the Senate seat after the Republican suggested the country move on from the 2020 race.

‘Mo Brooks of Alabama made a horrible mistake recently when he went ‘woke’ and stated, referring to the 2020 Presidential Election Scam, ‘Put that behind you, put that behind you,’ despite the fact that the Election was rife with fraud and irregularities,’ Trump said.

Trump claimed Brooks tanked a ’44-point lead’ after he hired new campaign staff who ‘brilliantly’ told him to ‘stop talking about the 2020 election.’

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