Backpacker smashed over head while at Thai Full Moon party

Backpacker is smashed over the head with a bottle outside a grocery shop while attending Thai Full Moon party after arguing with two men

  • There was a tussle after two men objected to a party-goer eating on the ground
  • Onlookers said a man grabbed a full bottle of beer and struck a woman’s head
  • The attack left the injured young woman with blood pouring down her back

A young female backpacker was left with blood gushing from her head after she was smashed with a bottle at Thailand’s notorious Full Moon Party.

The attack allegedly occurred after two Thai men started arguing with the woman, as they were annoyed that her friend was eating while sitting on the ground, outside an all-night grocery shop in Koh Phangan.

Video footage of this morning’s incident shows that they appear to ask her friend to move away from the store’s entrance, which sparked an argument and they started to tussle with each other.

The shopkeeper said the dispute started when a woman was asked to move because she was blocking the entrance of a shop while attending the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan

A tussle broke out among the group, outside the shop on the popular backpacker island

A young woman was left with blood pouring down her back from the wound on her head after the incident

Onlookers captured the moment one of the men, wearing a black t-shirt, allegedly grabbed a full bottle of beer and smashed it over the reveller’s head at 2.20am local time today.

While CCTV shows the fracas stopped quickly after the shocking attack, it left the woman covered in blood. It is not known where she was from, the extent of her injuries, or whether she received treatment.

However, the shopkeeper said the dispute started after the men asked one of the women to move because she was blocking the entrance.

Phattalung Phatthana explained: ‘The full clip shows who started the argument and how it happened. 

‘The men tell the woman not to sit in front of the shop because other tourists can’t walk by. The woman then became angry and a fight starts.’

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Another witness said she had gone to buy medicine at the store, located near the middle of the beach where the Full Moon Party was being held last night, when she noticed the Thai men arguing with the pair.

The young woman, who recorded the clip, added: ‘The man took a bottle and hit the woman on the head.’

She said the man was ‘angry’ at her for filming the fracas ‘because he said I made them look bad by recording it’.

Police at Koh Phangan said they were aware of the video but had not yet received a complaint from the woman who was hit with the bottle.

Police in Koh Phangan said they were aware of the video but had not yet received a complaint from the woman who was hit with the bottle

Police superintendent Pol Col Sathit Kongnian said: ‘Officers are looking at the video and we will investigate this by speaking to the people involved.’

Full Moon Parties have been mired in controversy over the years after a spate of deaths, overdoses and debaucherous behaviour have hit headlines across the world.

The event occurs once a month on the date of the full moon on the tropical oasis of Koh Phangan, and runs from dusk on the day of the party until the afternoon of the next day.

What started as a monthly gathering for spiritually inclined trance fans in the 1990s has since exploded into a world-famous monument to hedonism.  Over the years the party has often been cast as a depraved, crime-ridden drug fest where foreigners trash their idyllic surroundings and take excessive risks. 

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