Bacon-sandwich-loving Ed Miliband says Brits should eat less meat to tackle climate change

BACON-sandwich-loving Ed Miliband says Brits should eat less meat to save the planet.

The leftie ex-Labour boss, who was famously snapped looking awkward chowing down on the tasty breakfast butty, revealed he's ditched it to help tackle climate change.

And he urged other Brits to join him in boycotting the delicious cut of meat before it's too late.

He told LBC this morning: "Yes, I do eat less meat. Partly for health reasons. I've given up the bacon."

And Mr Miliband, who lost the 2015 election against David Cameron, said we should be recycling and walking more – and giving up car trips too to cut down on dangerous emissions which are warming our planet.

"The actions we take now will have the biggest impact in 20, 30 years time," he said, declaring a "war" on climate change.

But he also warned that taxes should go up on plane ticket to stop Brits flying as much around the world.

He also backed the Extinction Rebellion protests which brought London to a halt last week and caused chaos for millions across the capital.

"They've got us talking about it, haven't they?" he said.

"It's the ultimate weapon, but it can't be used all the time."

Making the planet more green could cut energy bills, air pollution and create more jobs too, he argued.

Labour are set to force a vote in Parliament on a climate change emergency on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Michael Gove has sparked uproar today by meeting with the protesters who glued themselves to trains and set up camp in Parliament Square.

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