Bank Holiday revellers brawl in the street with one woman throwing a WIG in a man’s face

One woman, who had taken her heels off, was seen arguing with a man wearing a white vest and threw what appeared to be wig in his face in Blackpool.

They were later spoken to by police and was one of several incidents in the seaside town as thousands of Brits took the opportunity to have a night out with many having an extra day to recover before going back to work.

Bouncers were also seen tussling with a man outside a nightclub and he was later handcuffed by officers.

Other pictures show one young woman taking a nap in a doorway while another photograph showed two women singing as they took a stroll in the early hours.

Two men were spotted urinating just yards from a war memorial while a group of women posed for a late-night selfie.

More people are expected to be out on the streets this evening in what will be a busy night for pubs as Liverpool take on Real Madrid in the Champions League final in Kiev.

It comes as parts of Britain will be hit by fierce thunderstorms over the weekend and the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning.

London and the South East could see temperatures of 29C on Sunday, but many will experience "on-and-off" thunderstorms.

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