Bar which held ‘F*** the Royals’ party speaks out over backlash

A bar which hosted a "F*** the Royals" event on the day of the royal wedding has spoken out after they received a backlash to the republican-themed party.

The provocatively named fundraiser held at Sound gained international attention after it was reported in the Liverpool Echo last week.

Now the organisers have taken to Facebook to speak out over the overwhelming response they received – both positive and negative.

The post read: “We had an idea to have a party to raise money for local food banks. We decided to do it on the same day as the Royal wedding in protest to the cost, knowing our friends and regulars would support it.

“We called it ‘F*** the Royals Foodbank Fundraiser’ as it had a nice ring to it. It got picked up by the local paper, then the national news and eventually international news reporters started contacting us.

“It’s been picked up by loads of social media pages and influencers and the attention has been overwhelming. We had loads of support and positivity but we had lots of negative stuff too.

“This is what we want to say. We had a lovely day surrounded by friendly faces in the sun.

"We watched amazing local bands and DJs who gave up their time for free, we saw our staff work their socks off then donate their tips at the end of the night.

“We saw people walking down the street giving us bags of shopping and hugs, showing solidarity. We saw our customers old and new coming together to do a good thing.”

The post goes on: “Know this, the food collected will be eaten by families who otherwise would have gone hungry.

"We collected roughly £500 in cash which we will match and present to food bank tomorrow, hopefully with a receipt which we will publish.

“We’ve had our 15 minutes and we’ll be happy when it is over. We don’t wish anyone ill will weather or not they agree with our choice of wording.

“We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts especially the bands, DJs, staff, those who attended and anyone who has liked, commented, shared and generally made this event a success.”

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