BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns mercury to drop as ‘snow on the way’

BBC weather: Temperatures to drop with strong winds in the north

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Temperatures are set to fluctuate between seven and twelve degrees in parts of Scotland and the UK this week as we head into the weekend. Sleet rain and some snow showers are expected to continue in parts of Scotland. BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood advised Brits to wrap up warm and to prepare for rain in Northern England. Ms Kirkwood also warned Brits that certain parts of the country can expect to see guys gale force winds as we head into the overnight and into the weekend. And the yellow weather warning has been issued today by the Met Office, with some flood warnings.

Ms Kirkwood: “There’s some snow in the forecast for us today as well, it’s been snowing overnight in Scotland for example but for most of us it’s going to be a colder day than it was yesterday.

“Except for in the South where we do have a weather front, here it is here that’s producing a bit more cloud and some spots of rain as it slowly sinks Southwards.

“So hence the temperatures not falling away as much.

“Now overnight we’ve had thunder and lightning, we’ve had snow showers, we have had some of that at low levels across Scotland.

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Ms Kirkwood said: “Solitary showers in Northern Ireland and Northern England on the hills.

“And here’s our weather front continuing to sink Southwards through the course of the day.

“Now behind it, it’s going to brighten up quite nicely, there will be some sunshine.

“It’s going to be a breezy day really where ever you are, but strong winds gusty winds.

UK weather: Yellow snow warning for snow across Scotland

Ms Kirkwood added: “Gale force winds across the North and West of Scotland, primarily the Northern and the Western Isles with exposure and gusts as much as 70mph.

“Temperatures today four to about six in the Northern half of the country, nine to about twelve as we come further South.

“Now through this evening and overnight our weather front is still with us in Southern areas producing some rain.

“Behind it some clear skies, but then we’ve got a potent area of low pressure coming our way.

Ms Kirkwood added: “That’s going to bring in some rain, sleet and snow and with it, we’ll have gales even severe gales.

“So there will be some blizzards across the North of Scotland tonight.

“It’s also going to be cold with the risk of ice on untreated surfaces.

“And we have temperatures further South and under that weather front with the cloud and some spots of raining hanging on to about six degrees, but cold everywhere else.

Ms Kirkwood added: “Tomorrow we start off with our front in the South, slowly clearing away sunshine follows on from behind.

“Our low pressure in the North with the gales or severe gales pushes into the North sea taking the sleet and snow with it.

“But as it clears we’ll still see some snow showers even down to low levels across parts of Scotland.”

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