BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of heavy thunderstorms as temperatures plummet

BBC Weather have forecasted a cooler start to the week as temperatures drop to single digits. BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood explained areas across the UK will experience showers with some of them being thundery and heavy. Ms Kirkwood said: “There is a nose of high pressure dominating our weather today.

“It will keep things fairly quiet and there is a lot of cloud around with some rain and some showers.

“Some light rain and drizzle in the southeast clearing.

“We have had some showers that are heavier across parts of the southwest of Wales, they will ease but they will be back later.

“There will be one or two showers too across Northern Ireland, northeast Scotland and them clipping the north sea coast.”

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The BBC Weather forecaster also explained the fall in temperatures expected this week.

Ms Kirkwood explained the increased wind will may the UK feel cooler this week.

She said: “We have got a strong breeze so it will feel cooler along that north sea coastline.

“This afternoon some of the showers in south Wales and southwest England could not only be sharp but thundery.

“Temperatures are a bit disappointing for this stage in June as they are below average.

“It is 9 degrees in Lerwick and about 18 degrees in Cardiff.”

The majority of the UK will see temperatures in the mid-teens with England and Wales having temperature highs of 18 degrees, while Scotland has a high of 16.

Ms Kirkwood said as the UK heads into the evening many parts of the country will see showers fade as temperatures fall into single digits.

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“Through Monday evening and overnight we will eventually see those showers fade and there will be some clear skies.

“Quite a lot of cloud around and it thickening across western Scotland and Northern Ireland by the morning.

“Not quite as chilly as the night just gone but at the moment temperatures are around freezing in parts of the highlands.

“You can see the difference, but tomorrow morning will not be as cold as Monday.”

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