BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns SNOW to hit on Friday as ‘dense fog’ engulfs nation

Britain is set for a mixture of heavy showers and “gusty” winds this week as a front hits from the near continent. BBC Weather host Carol Kirkwood warned the ”top of the Scottish mountains” could see some snow on Friday, with temperatures dipping for most of the UK tonight. Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Ms Kirkwood forecast conditions for later in the week: “For Wednesday you can see rain still at times across the south-east, albeit fairly light, but we’ve got a new set of fronts coming into the north and the west, some of that will be heavy.

“But away from that some sunshine, temperatures 11C to about 15C.

“On Thursday it’s a mixture of some rain, some showers, some sunny spells but gusty winds particularly in the north and also the west, that’s something we’re keeping a close eye on.

“Friday we could even see some snow on the top of the Scottish mountains, with highs 11C in the north to about 16C as we push down towards the south.

“If you like something a little bit milder as we head into the weekend, it looks like that could well be heading our way.”

Meanwhile for Monday, the BBC forecaster explained: “What’s happening this morning is a weather front that’s come in from the near continent, you can see the extent of it.

“We also have some showers coming in on a north or northeasterly wind from the North Sea, and the cloud is thick enough elsewhere for the odd shower. But high pressure certainly in charge of the weather for most of us today, so weather wise it’s a fairly quiet start.

“Some of us starting off on a cold note with a touch of frost across north-east Scotland, here you will hang onto some sunshine, rain turning more patchier as we go through the course of the day.

“But for Scotland itself you’ll notice in the west, the clouds starting to build with a few showers, the wind will pick up, as a new weather front comes our way, just fringing into the north-west of Northern Ireland.

“But for the rest of Northern Ireland some sunny spells, sunny spells across England and Wales, the south-east though, where we’ve got that weak front, still seeing a bit more cloud with the odd shower coming out of it, even into the afternoon.

“Now temperatures today 9C to 14C, possibly 15C.”

For Monday evening and overnight into Tuesday morning, Ms Kirkwood said: “Our weather front gets closer to the north-west, the winds will continue to pick up, gusty winds, as well as this rain moving across the northern and western isles, and far north of mainland Scotland.


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“Now where we see clearance in the sky for the south, so the southern half of England and southern half of Wales, we could well see some dense fog patches forming.

“Tomorrow morning they could be quite slow to clear and just lift into low cloud.

“But tonight is going to be a chiller night than the one just gone for all except for the far north of Scotland, where it will be a milder night with 9’s and 10’s.

“So tomorrow that fog will lift into low cloud, some of it will break up, we’ll see some sunny skies develop across England and Wales in particular.

“Could see a few in Northern Ireland and Scotland, but again we still have this rain across the north and the west, and still gusty winds. 11C to 15C will be the top temperatures tomorrow.”

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