BBC Weather: ‘Dense fog’ set to plague the UK as spring sunshine ‘stuck in a rut’

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts continued sunshine

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The BBC meteorologist said that there will be some sunshine breaking through today and tomorrow, as well as the “odd bit of patchy light rain” as well. Eastern coastlines will feel “a bit cooler” faced with a cold breeze coming from “frosty” temperatures in Scotland that could hit “around freezing or below”. By Wednesday morning, there should be more sunshine coming through, Ms Kirkwood said, with “highs of 14 degrees”. 

She told BBC Breakfast: “This morning, it is a cold start to the day and for some of us, it is a frosty one as well. Particularly for parts of the highlands and east anglia. 

“As we go through today, we’re going to see increasing amounts of cloud. It will be mainly dry with some patchy light rain across parts of Scotland and north east England. 

“But there’s some dense fog, which is affecting parts of central England, the midlands and Lincolnshire. 

“Through the day, that should thin and break. We’ll see a little bit of sunshine coming through and we’ll start to see the cloud from Scotland and north east England slip further south and westward. 

“So, it should brighten up in the north of Scotland. Still the odd bit of patchy light rain or drizzle coming from this. 

“But for much of England and Wales, we will see some sunshine, as we will in northern Ireland, the best of which being in the south west. 

“But again, gentle breezes today with brisk north easterlies down the north sea coastline mean that eastern coastal counties will feel that bit cooler. 

“Now, through this evening and overnight, the cloud in the east drifts a bit further west. We will see some clear skies and, once again, we’re looking at a touch of frost in the highlands and northern England, with temperatures hitting around freezing or below. 

“But temperatures should hold up in other parts of the country. 

“Tomorrow, then, we start off with this cloud in the east. It should thin and break, and we’ll see some sunshine come through. 

“Brighter skies out towards the west, a wee bit of cloud developing, maybe an isolated shower coming out of it. Not much more than that. 

“And a brisk breeze across the south east and the english channel with highs of 14 degrees. It looks very much like the weather is stuck in a rut.” 

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But in a more promising forecast for the weekend, temperatures look to be slowly climbing towards the higher teens. 

Southern swathes of Britain could experience highs of around 17 degrees on Saturday afternoon, with that set to climb to 18 degrees on Sunday, according to WXCharts. 

But for parts of Scotland, temperatures could plummet over the course of this week and next. 

Lows of nearly minus two degrees are anticipated for areas particularly in the north east heading into next week and that weekend. 

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