BBC Weather Europe: Snow and freezing rain moves across continent despite temperature rise

BBC Weather: Europe set for showers and mild temperatures

Nick Miller forecast weather systems coming into Europe from the Atlantic. The BBC Weather meteorologist added that cold air is being squeezed eastwards across the continent towards Finland and Russia. 

Mr Miller said: “Many parts of Europe are seeing warmer weather.

“Temperatures are creeping back above the average for this time of year.

“But with weather systems coming in from the Atlantic there are spells of rain and strong winds.

“The cold air is being squeezed eastwards and it will be a cold Thursday in Helsinki across to Moscow.

“Down towards the southeast, no one can say it is warm but it is now starting to recover.”

He added: “We are finding with these weather systems running in from the west that they are running into colder air.

“They continue to bring a risk of seeing snow and freezing rain across some portions of Germany, Poland and Scandinavia.

“There is another spell of wet weather moving across the United Kingdom on Friday and the winds will strengthen once again.”

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of ‘cold front’ moving in

On Wednesday morning, BBC meteorologist Carol Kirkwood stated the UK will face windy conditions overnight.

Ms Kirkwood said:  “This evening and overnight rain will move steadily northwards, it could deposit some snow on the hills of Northern Ireland and through the mountains of Scotland.

“Then we’ve got a new weather front coming in from the west and that is going to be pushing eastwards.

“It’s going to be a windy night but it’s not going to be a cold one and we’re not anticipating any issues with frost.”


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Oli Claydon, Met Office spokesman, said: “In terms of the big temperature swings, you are probably looking at areas predominantly on the east coast where we saw lying snow last week and the temperatures were kept very low.”

Mr Claydon added: “Obviously, we are an island nation on the outskirts of the continent of Europe, so we are subject to very variable weather conditions and those changes can happen quite quickly.”

According to the Met Office long-range weather forecast, mild weather conditions should remain for the rest of the month, with snow possible next month.

Mr Claydon said: “The whole of the UK is now in a mild air mass which has brought quite a significant change in temperatures and also in terms of weather hazards, so the focus moves to wind and rain.”

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