BBC Weather forecast: Europe burning as 41C summer heatwave hits continent

BBC Weather forecaster Chris Fawkes warned more showers and strong winds will batter Denmark and Germany bringing temperatures below average levels for this time of the year. But a completely different picture will be painted for the south of Europe this weekend when Italy, France and Spain could reach temperatures of up to 41C. He said: “By Saturday, the wet weather will be moving into western Russia bringing cool weather for this time of the year.

“But there is another area of low pressure bringing strong winds to Denmark and northern Germany – gusts could reach 60 km an hour.

“In contrast to that, a lot of sunshine for the south-east of Europe and indeed across the Mediterranean.

“Around northern Italy, southern France and parts of Spain we’ll see some very warm air.

The north-east of Spain could see temperatures go as high around 39C, perhaps even 41C

Chris Fawkes

“The north-east of Spain could see temperatures go as high around 39C, perhaps even 41C in one or two spots.

“Strong winds and wet weather for Denmark and northern Germany and settled still for Norway and Sweden this weekend.

“More of the same as we head into Sunday with still windy conditions affecting northern Europe.

“There will be some drier weather but further showers are expected.”

In France, temperatures hit a new high on Friday, June 28, peaking at a sweltering 114.6F (45.9C) in the village of Gallargues-le-Montueux.

The temperatures broke the previous record of 111F (44.1C) during a 2003 heatwave that killed thousands.

In the aftermath of these heatwaves, US space agency NASA has announced June 2019 has officially become the hottest month on record in Europe.

NASA said: “Europe’s massive heatwave is on its way out and it’s leaving a slew of broken temperature records in its wake.

“Many countries were gripped by temperatures above 104 Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) between June 26 and June 30.


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“According to the World Meteorological Organization, June 2019 is now the hottest month on record for the continent as a whole.”

Satellite images snapped by NASA’s Ecosystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station (ECOSTRESS) reveal the true scale of the scorching weather.

According to the space agency, the phenomenon can be explained by residual heat stored from the previous day in bodies of water, asphalt and concrete.

Without any way to dissipate before the next day, the trapped heat would compound the effects of the heatwave.

This effect, in turn, exacerbated the sweltering conditions in some places even further.

NASA said: “These measurements help scientists assess plant health and response to water shortages, which can be an indicator of future drought.

“They can also be used in observing heat trends, spotting wildfires and detecting volcanic activity.”

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