BBC Weather forecast heavy rain across UK as mercury plummets to 4C

BBC Weather: UK set for showers and cold temperatures

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The UK is set to experience some of the “heaviest rain and strongest winds” it has seen so far this autumn on Friday – when “severe gales” of up to 55mph could hit north-western Scotland and Northern Ireland. Ms Kirkwood warned the entirety of the UK will be covered by showers this weekend. She said: “If you’re just stepping out this morning it’s a chilly start.

“It’s 5C around the wash area, 6C in London, and 10C across the southwest of England and parts of Wales.

“Today we’re looking at a mixture of sunshine and showers but the showers won’t be as frequent or as widespread as they were yesterday.

“Later on today, a weather front in the North Sea is going to come our way.

“We’ve got the remnants of yesterday’s front still producing rain across southwest England and the Channel Islands.

“You can see areas exposed to that northerly wind will see further showers.”

She continued: “As we head on towards the end of the week especially Friday, things do change.

“We’ve got weather fronts coming our way connected to this area of low pressure.

“We will start with some mist and fog across parts of England and also Wales.

UK weather: Met Office forecasts chillier temperatures

“The cloud builds as the rain already across Scotland and Northern Ireland continues to push slowly southwards and eastwards.”

The Met Office said the wet and windy weather blowing in on Friday will have started on the other side of the Atlantic, but, contrary to some reports, it does not expect these conditions to be the remnants of Hurricane Fiona, which unleashed devastation in Canada after it came ashore as a post-tropical cyclone on Saturday.

The national weather service has warned “heavier rain and strong winds” will spread quickly eastwards on Friday, when areas such as Southampton and Plymouth on the south coast of England could see highs of 17C, with 16C forecast in London and Cardiff, 15C in Belfast and 14C in Glasgow.

Met Office meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth stressed Friday’s forecast weather is not unusual for the time of year, saying the impacts are expected to be limited at this stage.


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She said: “The strongest winds will affect north-western Scotland and Northern Ireland where severe gales are possible, up to 55mph, during Friday morning and afternoon.

“There will also be strong winds along the south coast on Friday afternoon and evening, where there is a chance of gales, for a short period of time.”

She added: “We are expecting the strong Atlantic jet stream to develop and push a deep area of low pressure across the Atlantic that will bring a spell of rain to the UK on Friday with some strong winds following.

“It is likely to bring some of the heaviest rain and strongest winds we’ve seen so far this autumn.”

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