BBC Weather: Kirkwood warns ‘snow in the cards’ this week as northerly to sweep across UK

BBC Weather: UK warned of snow as temperatures fall

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The BBC Weather meteorologist said conditions will grow cooler as the week progresses due to a northerly slowly taking charge of the UK. Chances of snow will increase towards the weekend, with higher grounds in Scotland likely to see the first flakes of the season on Thursday. Carol Kirkwood said: “It’s chilly across many areas where the cloud has remained broken overnight.

“Where we’ve got a bit more cloud around, temperatures aren’t that low.

“Today, what we’re looking at is a cloudier day than yesterday for most but it will be mainly dry.

“High pressure is firmly in charge, we’ve got all this cloud across the north of the country producing some patchy light rain across the north and west of Scotland – here too some strong winds.

“But there are holes in that cloud in Scotland and also across northern England, and if you’re in Northern Ireland.”

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Ms Kirkwood continued: “But in essence, most of us are having a cloudy start until we get to South Wales, into the Midlands, parts of East Anglia and the southwest.

“The southwest will see the large share of the sunshine today. There’s also some patchy mist and fog across central and southern parts of England, also some parts of Wales and we’ve got some showers clipping Kent down into the Channel Islands.

“For the rest of the day, we hang on to a lot of cloud, it sinks south, some of it will be thick enough for some drizzle across northwest England, possibly Wales as well.

“Temperatures 9C to 11C, more or less where they should be at this time of year.”

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Ms Kirkwood said temperatures will grow colder into Wednesday, with the cloud slowly lifting throughout the morning.

She said: “Into the evening and overnight, we still have a fair bit of cloud around but it’s broken in the far southeast – it will be cold enough for a local frost and some patchy fog and then light rain is replaced by heavier rain coming in across Scotland and Northern Ireland, and still very windy across the far north of Scotland.

“And another cold night in prospect. Tomorrow we pick up this band of rain as it continues its journey sinking southwards.

“The mist and fog that’s formed overnight will be slow to lift but there will be some breaks in that cloud and then in the other side of the weather front, for Scotland and Northern Ireland, when the rain clears we’ll see a return of some sunshine and some showers.”

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Ms Kirkwood added: “Still windy in the far north and some of those showers on the tops of the hills are likely to be wintry.

“If anything, it will feel a bit colder than it’s going to do today, especially in the north.

“By Thursday, our weather front eventually clears the far south, there’ll be a lot of dry weather, a lot of sunshine.

“But we’re in a northerly so it’s going to feel colder again and there’ll be showers along the coasts where you’re exposed to that wind.

“Once again, you can see the whites on the charts, indicating there is some snow in the cards, mostly on the hills and the mountains.”

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