BBC weather WARNING: Carol Kirkwood forecasts SNOW to BOMBARD the UK

BBC Weather has forecast snow and rain to persist through the morning of Thursday with snow to ease as the day continues for the parts of the country affected. North Scotland and parts of Wales are expecting the heaviest snow with some areas having heavy snowfall overnight. Throughout the rest of the UK periods of showers is forecasted as the cold temperatures persist across the country.

BBC’s Carol Kirkwood said: “What we have today is a chilly start and there is some snow today in the forecast for some of us.

“That will ease off through the day and it is going to become drier in the east.

“Low pressure is still very much dominating our weather.

“It has slipped down towards the southwest and we have fronts rotating around it producing rain or snow.

“Most of the snow is on higher ground but not exclusively as we are seeing some of that at lower levels in parts of Wales.

“The Scottish band is going to move northwards taking with it the rain as well.

“In Wales, the snow eases off through the course of the day in the southwestern quarter but you can see how this rain starts to push eastwards and northwards.

“As we head on through the evening and overnight into Friday morning our circulation is still with us and still pushing north taking the rain with it

“Then another pulse comes up into the southwest of England and also Wales, moving through Hampshire and Dorset.

“Meanwhile our other band in the north continues to edge steadily northwards in the direction of the Northern Isles.”

The wet and bone-chilling weather has reached the country overnight with many waking up to frost and temperatures as low as -2C.

Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern warned a persistent area of low pressure will cause heavy showers and snow particularly for Wales and the south-west of England.

He said: “In Wales and for most of the south-west of England we will have the most unpleasant weather today.

“And it’s going to feel cold with that wind circling around the area of low pressure.

“Some heavy downpours and some wet weather coming and going.”

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