Beagle owner stunned to see pet’s markings look exactly like a dog

The beagle with a dachshund on his back! Owner is stunned to see her pet’s markings look exactly like another dog

  • Shannon Austin spotted the bizarre shape while she was lounging in her garden  
  • It even changes colour where the nose would be, just like her puppy, Hazel 
  • Social media users compared it to the film Inception’s multiple layers of reality 

A beagle owner has spotted her new puppy had the outline of another dog in the fur on her back.

While lounging in her garden on July 3 at home in Yorkshire, Shannon Austin, 31, spotted a familiar-looking mark on the back of Hazel, her nine-week old pooch.

Going in for a closer look, she noticed one of the dog’s patches appeared to have the outline of a dachshund.

The owner of Hazel, a nine-week-old beagle, has spotted the image of another dog on her back

Hazel (pictured) has a bizarre marking on her back that resembles a dog, with the shape’s ‘snout’ even appearing to be a different colour to its ‘head’ just like the beagle’s

The dog-shaped marking even changes colour where the shout would be, just like l Hazel’s actual face.

The image has quickly gone viral, with people comparing it to the multiple layers of reality in the movie Inception.

Ms Austin, 31, said: ‘I noticed the day I brought her home that she had unusual markings.

‘The markings were individual spots when I first met her at 3 weeks old, and now they’ve merged into a dog-like shape. I think it’s amazing and that she’s quite unique.’

Nine-week-old Hazel (pictured) has a marking that has been likened to the multiple layers of reality in the film Inception 

Social media users were baffled when the mother-of-one shared the picture on social media 


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